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The best 4-gallon garbage bags for hassle-free cleanups

When you do not have enough space, having a small trash can make your area more efficient without being bulky. Lining small trash cans with appropriate trash bags helps you take out the trash fast and free up space in the garbage can. You’ll never have to worry about it overflowing, because a fitted trash bag is so convenient when taking out the garbage. Small trash cans are perfect for bathrooms and dorm rooms, and lining them will make it easier to clean them out in these shared environments.

Some people simply use plastic bags they find in grocery stores to fill in as liners for their 4-gallon trash cans. Although these are a good alternative when you are in a pinch for a garbage liner, they are not made for that specific job. Therefore, they may not come with features you would want in a trash bag: Tear resistance, proper closure, and odor control. Getting trash bags dedicated to do the job well will save you time, money, and effort in the long run.

Glad Odorshield Small Drawstring Trash Bags

Best Scented

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The sweet smell of citron and lime from the Glad Odorshield 4-gallon bags will spruce up any room while keeping trash odors neutralized and eliminated. The refreshing citrus scents are implemented into the strong plastics of the trash bag. The plastic itself is made to have a thicker enforced bottom to ensure leak protection. The drawstring at the top provides a secure grip on trash can tops and makes for quick closure when throwing them out.

Inwaysin Biodegradable Trashbags

Best Biodegradable

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The eco-friendly Inwaysin Biodegradable Trashbags use a cornstarch material called Plastarch Material, alongside other plant-based renewable resources, to make a modified plastic that will decompose without causing any harm to the environment. These trash bags are slightly larger than 4 gallons, allowing overhang on the sides — you don’t have to worry about the bag slipping inside the can. The durability of these bags make it so that they can withstand a maximum weight of 11 pounds. You can put practically anything in there without worrying about it breaking or tearing the bag.

Teivio Clear Trash Bags

Best Value

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Keeping a pack of Teivio 4-gallon trash bags on hand will give you the peace of mind that you always have some extra trash liners around. Do not get caught without one in your house by stocking up on these value brand trash bags. They are made of plastics that have excellent odor control to keep your trash smells at bay. They have a star seal bottom, which makes it easy for the trash bag to be pulled off without suction causing a problem while pulling.

Now that you can see the tangible benefits of buying smaller liners for your trash cans, go and grab yourself a pack of 4-gallon trash bags. You will have a better looking trash can while also having something that is specifically made for carrying around trash, unlike grocery store bags. They will last you a long time, and you can be sure that your small trash can stays just as clean and fresh as your other trash cans around the house.

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