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The best Kreg screws for woodworkers

Beginner woodworkers looking for expert results should consider Kreg screws. These durable steel screws connect wooden parts efficiently, thanks to their flat-bottom heads and self-drilling tips. Build your wooden showpiece with the help of a Kreg screw from our list.

Even master woodworkers will revel in this innovative screw, which can be used for a variety of personal and professional projects. The Kreg screw’s novel square-drive head prevents your screwdriver from popping out of place as you’re halfway in the screw pocket.

This screw also features a case-hardened coating that resists damage. However, the center remains soft to keep the screw from drying up and becoming fragile. Before you finalize your purchase, remember that the right Kreg screw for you depends on what wood you’re working with. Now, take a look at the Kreg screws that stood out to us.

Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw Kit

Best Assortment

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The Kreg SK03 screw kit offers 675 pieces of five of the most commonly used screws in woodworking. To help you keep track of these mini tools, a carrying case is included with your purchase. Each Kreg screw in this set is made with a square drive for easy installation.

Kreg Weather Resistant Pocket Hole Screw

Best Weather-Resistant

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Kreg’s weather-resistant screws are an improved version of their zinc-plated models. These resist rust, making them ideal for outdoor furniture and wooden structures, such as garden benches, porch swings, and raised plant beds. Each purchase comes with 250 screws.

Kreg Washer-Head Pocket Hole Screws

Best Holding Power

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Kreg’s washer-head screw is specifically designed for softwoods and quasi-woods like melamine and pine. The threads (the space between the ridges on the bottom of the screw) are coarse, meaning this Kreg screw provides the best possible holding power for soft materials.

Kreg screws are a woodworker’s best tool, thanks to their durability and user-friendly features. They’re topped with square heads to prevent screwdrivers from falling out of place when you fix them in. Additionally, they’re coated with steel to provide strength, but they retain a soft center to prevent frailty. Make room for a Kreg screw in your toolbox today with any of the best models on our list.

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