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The best motherboard standoffs for optimal spacing

A standoff is a type of spacer that is usually made specifically to raise one part from another. Spacers in general are used throughout computer building because of how sensitive each of the parts are. When they start working and getting hot, it can become a liability to have different parts touching each other. Giving room for the components to work while also allowing for air to flow through will keep parts cooled down and working optimally.

There are usually two types of materials used for motherboard standoffs: Plastic and metal. Plastic standoffs are usually flat on one side and tapered on the end to attach to the motherboard without being attached to any other surface. A metal standoff are usually screw-like and will screw into the base of the computer case instead of being freestanding. Either way, these standoffs will keep the motherboard off the case and keep it working well.

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StarTech Brass Motherboard Standoffs

Best Overall

These threaded StarTech Brass Motherboard Standoffs will be exactly what you need to keep your computer case and motherboards right where they need to be. They are above the quality that you would usually get from other standard computer cases. Having a kit around of these standard-sized motherboard standoffs will help you easily replace your old ones in a bind. It will save your build and keep your computer in tip-top shape.

Sutemribor Computer Standoffs Set

Best Assortment

If you are an avid PC builder and need a bunch of standoffs at the ready, the Sutemribor Computer Standoffs Set will provide you with the variety that you are looking for while maintaining quality and integrity. The package includes different standoffs for different parts of your computer, ranging from conventional chassis-retaining screws to CD-ROM set screws. You will be able to easily grab what you need in the handy organizational storage box it comes in.

HOBBYMATE M3 Nylon Standoffs

Best Nylon

Plastic and nylon standoffs usually help elevate the motherboard only and do not attach to anything else. If this is what you are looking for, then the HOBBYMATE M3 Nylon Standoffs will be just the right fit. The kit comes with several types of spacers, screws, and nuts, so you can figure out which ones you will need for your chassis. The nylon is strong, compact, and is made with an anticorrosive formula. The standoffs are all organized in a storage box so that they will stay safe and organized.

Whether you are a PC-building enthusiast or new to the PC-building game, you do not want to find yourself without the right materials to take care of your computer. Getting yourself the right spacers for your motherboard will ensure that it will keep working well for a long time, and you will find yourself with a great computer. Even the smallest things can bring out big wins. Go make this a win, too.

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