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What does a business attorney do?

Business attorneys cover many different legal situations. You’ll find that contracts, setting up initial licensing, and lawsuits are just a few of the areas where a lawyer is beneficial. There are many different situations where a business lawyer can benefit and protect your company.

  • Contract disputes, review, and negotiations
  • Property issues
  • Intellectual property
  • Protected data use
  • Sale/purchase conflicts
  • Regulation compliance
  • Taxes and licenses
  • Ownership and shares
  • Company structure

Defining what a business attorney does depends on your needs as a business owner. You’ll find that an immediate need for advice and education on common legal matters. As your business grows, you’ll find issues that arise which require specific expertise.

The most valuable aspects of a business attorney appear over time. The overall structure and operations of your business will run more smoothly with expert legal expertise. Read more about what business attorneys do and why you need one for your business.

What does a business attorney do?

The legal services most business attorneys offer to protect and prepare your company’s future. If you’re interested in growing your business, you’ll need a strong legal consultant. Let’s explore how business lawyers benefit the various aspects of your company structure and operations.


As soon as you found your business, you’ll need contracts to solidify customers, clients, investors, and suppliers. Standard forms, provided via a business attorney, ensure cohesive documentation. This consistency diminishes confusion and the need for further revisions.

Waivers, standard forms, employee hires, and more are just a few examples of business contracts. Review of documents is as important as the paperwork. Proper legal review ensures your documents are foolproof (and lawsuit-proof, too).


Choosing your incorporation is much easier with a business lawyer. Choosing between an LLC, S-corp, and C-corp necessitates the insight of a legal professional. With this organizational aspect of your business determined, you’ll find plenty of other structural reasons for a business attorney.

An attorney can help a company to adjust to certain changes in the law or new ownership. If transferring ownership of shares in a company, a lawyer protects both sides in the transaction. A business lawyer can also oversee the “wind-up” process (i.e., dissolution procedures).

Disputes or conflict resolution are other areas overseen with legal expertise. Preparing and protecting business owners requires education or arbitration. Legal insight can educate your company leadership about best practices and how to respond when issues arise.


Securing property for operations isn’t always complicated. When issues do arise with leasing, ownership, and other disputes, an expert comes in handy. You’ll find sales and leases a much smoother process working alongside a business attorney.

If like many small businesses, you lease space to meet clients or sell your goods, an attorney can help you with things like insurance, rental fees, and more. Protecting your brick and mortar location protects your business’s daily and long-term operation (e.g., throughout your lease).

Taxes and licenses

With clarity for your business structure, you’ll still need state and/or federal registration. Filing the required documents is easy with a business attorney. Obtaining necessary licenses and federal and state TINs is also simpler. Otherwise, you may find out you’re missing important paperwork too late.

Intellectual property

Many businesses have unique intellectual property (IP). This includes the registration of copyrights, trademarks, patents, and more. It may also mean dealing with conflicts with the sale and purchase of companies, stocks, securities, and so on. Part of this is determined by organizational documentation.

A business attorney can ensure any IP-related conflict resolution is resolved smoothly. Most likely, your lawyer will have thorough records to protect your company in instances like this.

Finding your business attorney

With the right questions and a clearer picture of what a business attorney does, it’s time to find the right one for you. Planning ahead of time and researching local firms can give you a leg up on finding the best attorney for your business. If you can find a local lawyer, you’ll find a few benefits.

Local firms may understand your community and offerings better, making it easier to communicate your business’s particular issues. Conversely, if competitors work with the same firm or attorney, you may need to outsource your legal consultation.

Working with a larger or firm outside your community may offer leverage with experience in broader clientele and contract work. You may find local connections less of a deficit if this experience brings better resources and connections overall.

Consider these factors when choosing your future business attorney. They can help you find the best attorney to nurture and prepare your company for anything.

  • Experience
  • Connections
  • Other clients
  • Good teacher
  • Finder, minder, grinder
  • Flexible billing and fees

With a strong business attorney at your side, you can ensure that you don’t miss any important steps along the way when launching your business.

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