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What’s the purpose of branding and why is it important?

No matter the amount of time you’ve had a small business, it is important for branding to be one of your top priorities. If you have a strong sense of how to go about running a business, you should know the purpose of branding. Without branding, you could see the competition get the better of you. They may even put you out of business.

With that in mind, why should you have a strong focus on branding and why is it so important to your survival?

Brand graphic being built by little trucks

Do many consumers know your brand?

Imagine for a moment if too few consumers knew about you and all your brand has to offer. Yes, it could spell the beginning of the end for your small business. So are you doing all you can to get your brand the recognition it so deserves?

One of the best means of going about this of course would be your company logo. Okay, you’re not Nike, AT&T, McDonald’s, or countless other businesses with well-known logos. As such, having an easily identifiable logo is critical to your branding success.

Take time to look at the logo you have now. Does it resonate with consumers, and is it one you’re proud to have? If your logo is not cutting it, now would be a good time to consider a redesign. In the event you are a startup, having a top-notch logo to kick things off is important.

Whether coming up with a logo or looking to redesign the one you have, the right designer can make a big difference. You may have to spend more than you intended on a logo design and choosing a designer. That being said, the return on investment (ROI) can make it all well worth it.

With your logo in hand, make sure you have it in front of as many eyes as possible. That means letterhead, business cards, website, social media, billboards, and more. Get that logo out there so it becomes something people will recognize as a brand that could be important to them.

Speaking of brand importance, have you taken a look at your website as of late and what consumers may be seeing when they search online for your business?

Stop to think how your business would be doing if you in fact did not have a functioning website. It is safe to say that you would have an uphill battle on your hands.

Yes, some companies believe it or not do not have websites. They tend to be those who’ve been around for so long that many consumers know them and often by in-person visits. As a result, online sales could be minimal or even non-existent. You need to review your website on a regular basis.

Make sure that it not only has a lot of worthwhile material to consumers but that it also operates smoothly. Too many broken links, hard-to-find information, and more can send consumers elsewhere, notably to your competitors and their website.

From your logo to website and more, the branding of all these things means little if not transparent. Yes, a big part of your branding efforts needs to be about how you treat your customers. It is critical that you have a brand that customers not only like as it helps them but also how they see you helping others.

For example, having a positive impact on the environment and helping people out goes a long way in making your brand more popular with the public. While there is much to do when it comes to branding, know it is all worth it at the end of the day.

Do you know your target audience?

Having a good feel for your target audience is something you also can’t overlook. This is when understanding the purpose and importance behind branding. The hope is that you’ve been taking the time to research who it is you are trying to reach with your brand.

For example, do you sell products or services geared towards senior citizens? If so, you may think the only people you need to pitch would be those age 55+. In fact, there are other age groups you want to go after. With that in mind, what about their kids? Keep in mind that many children of a certain age and on up are responsible to some degree for the care of their parents. As such, you don’t want to discount the former when looking to sell your brand to the public.

For example, you find someone age 40 with one or two elderly parents and caring for them to some degree. More than likely, they would be interested in hearing about what your brand has to offer seniors. From email and text surveys to in-person questions and more, make sure you know who it is you need to try and reach. That is to keep your business moving along.

How is your brand’s online reputation?

Even when you think you have the greatest products and/or services, you won’t get far when few people know much of you. So, it is important to have a well-established brand reputation. A big part of the brand reputation is establishing a strong online presence. While a website is key and a dedication to social media is critical too, how is your online reputation?

When there is too much negative online chatter about your brand, it can cause you problems. Take care of any negative chatter making its way around the Internet. Be sure you are timely with consumer inquiries and complaints online or in person. Finally, be sure you get your employees on board with your brand’s message unless you are the company’s only employee.

Having a team of employees supporting your brand will go a long way in determining how well they do their jobs. The bulk of them is more likely to support your brand both in-house and outside of work if they truly believe in it and the good it does for others.

In looking at your business brand, are you branding a winner or do you have a lot more work in front of you?

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