What to look for when hiring restaurant staff

Whether you are a seasoned owner within the restaurant industry or just starting out, you know that your staff is the face of your business. From your hostess to the kitchen employees, your staff can be what makes or breaks your restaurant business. Keeping this in mind, you’ll want to ensure that you hire quality and qualified staff to help you run your restaurant day-to-day. 

Many restaurant owners may often find it challenging to find quality staff members for their business, and turnover can be high. However, there is still hope in the service industry to find quality staff members to hire. When hiring your restaurant staff, you have to know what your business needs and the traits to watch for when sourcing, interviewing, and hiring staff. Therefore, let’s review some characteristics and qualities you should look for when hiring your restaurant staff for your business.

Superb communication skills

Communication is an integral part of any business industry, and it is especially vital in the restaurant business. When miscommunication occurs, this can allow other issues to arise. A staff member with superb communication skills will understand the importance of communication in their role at your restaurant and how important it is to the restaurant as a business. 

Communication lays out a specific expectation within your restaurant business. It ensures your staff from the kitchen to the servers understands the importance of their communication skills in their role at your restaurant business. Your overall staff’s positive and practical communication skills can also create a positive workplace and provide positive experiences to your restaurant’s customers. Hiring staff with excellent communication skills can also bring new customers to your restaurant when established customers have had positive communication experiences.

Maintaining a positive attitude under pressure

Frankly, no one will want to work with a hot-headed team member or boss. While the restaurant industry can be demanding at times, ensuring your staff maintains a positive attitude when faced with challenges will set your restaurant apart from the competition. Customers tend to frequent and praise restaurants where they have positive experiences. With this in mind, when sourcing staff to hire for your restaurant, aim to hire people with a positive attitude and demeanor. Not to mention, when employees have a positive attitude, it bleeds into creating a better overall work environment while also providing more memorable and upbeat experiences to your customers. Hiring staff with a positive attitude can bleed this uplifting energy into all areas of your restaurant by influencing other staff members to create an overall optimistic ambiance. 

Active collaborator and team player

Hiring for your restaurant business is an environment where you are serving others. It is also a very fast-paced and team-orientated industry for business. For this reasoning, it is crucial that you hire employees for your restaurant who are willing to work collaboratively with other teams. Employees need to work with each other, from the kitchen staff to your hostesses. 

It is also notable that the restaurant staff you hire needs to understand the importance of the role for other staff members. For example, hosts need to know the average time per table customers dining in your restaurant. Additionally, your waitstaff needs to understand the average amount of time per order for food preparation and cooking and communicate this to patrons as they put in their food orders. Finally, your cleaning staff needs to be ready to clear tables promptly to prep for the next customer. Any missteps are miscommunication between your staff from any areas of your restaurant that can impact your customers and create unpleasant experiences for them in your business.

Sense of self-sufficiency and integrity

You’ll want to hire employees that execute a level of self-sufficiency and integrity. When hiring employees with self-sufficiency, typically, it’s ideal to hire staff that has some form of experience in the food or service industry if you want to have a star-class team. Some food and service roles are highly trainable skills to have, and if you want to hire quality with little experience, make sure the staff you interview or recruit has a sense of work ethic that translates to trainability. 

Sourcing staff with a high level of integrity is critical as well. Employees with a high level of integrity have an impeccable work ethic, and they are dependable and trustworthy. Running your restaurant requires a lot of time; therefore, hiring staff who can work independently and collaboratively will be critical. You may not be able to be at your restaurant all day, every day, so looking to hire staff that can run it makes everyone’s roles in your business that much easier. 

As a business owner, you have to remember that you and your staff are the faces of your business. You want to hire high-quality staff that your customers will appreciate when they visit your restaurant. Taking the time to source, interview, and pick quality candidates that hold these traits will help your business see more significant long-term success.

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