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How to set up a cleaning business website in 4 easy steps

Today, most companies, both large and small, have an established website for their business. Residential and commercial cleaning companies can benefit from having a conventional website to display and demonstrate the services they offer. Establishing a website for your cleaning business can help you reach a broader client base than you may not have previously imagined.

A website for your cleaning business can create credibility and rapport and it can inform new and existing customers about your business and the value of the services it provides. Setting up your cleaning business website is a task you can easily do yourself, especially if you’re on a budget. To get started on setting up your cleaning business website, here are four simple steps to follow.

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1. Research and purchase your domain

One of the first steps you need to take when setting up your cleaning business website is to research domain names. When researching the domain name you wish to purchase for your cleaning business site, you want to ensure it’s recognizable and related to your business name.

Also, while researching your domain options, make sure the option you want is available for purchase. You’ll find many domains, especially dot-com domains, are less available. If that’s the case for your business, the domain can still be recognizable by choosing an alternative, such as a dot-co or dot-biz domain.

2. Secure a website hosting vendor

Once you’ve purchased your domain, you need to set up a website host to build the site. There are countless web hosting platforms you can choose from, and many host websites for more budget-conscious businesses.

Many of the hosting platforms that are most popular today offer affordable introductory pricing for hosting services. The service you choose may also offer you the opportunity to purchase several years of web hosting in advance for an initial price for your cleaning company website. 

3. Design your website

Upon purchasing your domain and hosting platform, you should locate a web design template and build your website layout. Keep in mind that many web hosting providers also offer templates to design the website that you desire.

Many of these templates walk you through the process, step by step, easily laying out the website for your cleaning business. Ideally, your website should aim for simplicity and functionality for a cleaning business. Below are some areas to include when designing your website pages.

  • Disclose your service offerings and pricing – Provide a list of your cleaning business’s services and approximate pricing options for those services. Also, give information on how to book services to simplify the customer booking process.
  • Share details about your business – Design a page that tells the story of your business. Many clients and potential clients often want to know how long you have been doing business and the objectives of your company. This page allows you to share information about where, how, and when your company started.
  • Include contact information – Provide a contact page that includes all your phone numbers and your email address, so customers can get in touch with your business for estimates, questions, or booking of cleaning services. List all the communities you serve both near and far as well.
  • Establish an FAQ page for customers – Dedicating a page that answers some frequently asked questions in your business can build rapport with existing and potential customers.
  • Provide valuable testimonials – Testimonials highlight the area of expertise that your company offers to clients. Also, share reviews and comments from satisfied clients.

4. Optimize Keywords and SEO

If you want your website to appear in customer search results, you need to have the critical keywords in the text on your web pages. For example, when a customer searches for keywords and phrases, such as “cleaning services” or “house cleaning services,” these words will rank your website on the listed search results.

Keywords or phrases can also localize your business in search results. Customers searching for cleaning services in your area can also help you show higher in the search results. Use an SEO site to get some help optimizing your cleaning business website.

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Building your cleaning business website can be relatively easy and not as time consuming as it may seem. After you’ve chosen your hosting service and domain and designed your website with SEO, you can publish your website.

While implementing these four steps when setting up your cleaning business website, you can see a broader reach of potential clients for your business. Having a website for your cleaning company can help create more online visibility and enhanced long-term success. 

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