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Should you use the Tesla Cybertruck as a work truck?

In November 2019, Elon Musk, the CEO and Founder of Tesla, unveiled an all-electric truck for the American vehicle consumer market. Currently, most electric pickup trucks are in preproduction or still in production phases. While many critics may have first doubted electric trucks, including Tesla’s Cybertruck, these options are looking to become the next ideal commercial work truck to the American auto market.

Since the debut of the Tesla Cybertruck, other automakers have been developing and designing electric pickup trucks to compete with the Tesla work truck model. You’re probably wondering if the Tesla Cybertruck will work efficiently and successfully as a work truck, so then let’s dive into if you should use it as a work truck and how you could best use it. 

Tesla Cybertruck EV

Benefits of the Tesla Cybertruck as a work truck

There are numerous benefits to the Tesla Cybertruck as a work truck. Some features and benefits this EV will include are towing and haul capacity and quality horsepower. Additionally, it will be environmentally friendly and notability efficient.

Let’s explore some benefits to consider and expect in the Tesla work truck featured on the Cybertruck’s model trim packages. 

Expect vigor, plus endurance

Tesla states the interior and exterior of the vehicle will be made with high-quality safety standards that include a hardened and cold-rolled stainless steel structural exterior resistant to corrosion and dents.

Powerful motor with performance

The packages for the Tesla Cybertruck will come in single-, dual-, and triple-motor capability. Its highest trim model is expected to reach 60 mph with a towing capacity of over 14,000 pounds.

Engine efficiency

The Cybertruck will have a battery driving range specific to each engine and a drivetrain trim model. These ranges include:

  • Approximately 250 miles in the single motor, rear-wheel drive type of drivetrain
  • Around 300 miles of range in the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive model
  • An anticipated 500 plus miles of range in the tri-motor, all-wheel-drive package. 

Extensive storage and space

The Cybertruck is expected to seat up to six passengers comfortably. It’ll have an approximately 100-cubic-foot exterior storage compartment of around 6 feet in length, including the underbed, sail pillar, and trunk.

Off-road capacity

All models of the Tesla Cybertruck will come with 16 inches of ground clearance with a raised level of approach and departure angles and standard adaptive air suspensions, which are ideal for off-road driving.

All-electric amenities

The Tesla Cybertruck will have self-driving software. The EV work truck will also feature a built-in solar charger to add an extra driving range up to 40 miles daily. 

Comparing the Tesla Cybertruck to traditional work trucks

Many consumers may wonder how the Tesla Cybertruck will match up against an already dominant American pickup truck market. For decades, auto brands, such as GMC, Ford, and Chrysler-Dodge have controlled the American pickup truck and commercial truck markets while compromising environmentally friendly capabilities and fuel efficiency.

Nevertheless, with a greater push for more electric vehicles on the road, automakers like Tesla have seen the potential need for electric pickup trucks with the Tesla Cybertruck. While the Tesla truck may be an all-electric vehicle, it still holds a lot of the same capabilities that you’ll find in traditional trucks. As previously mentioned, these capabilities include towing and haul capacity and quality horsepower.

In comparison, the Cybertruck is nearing 14,000 pounds towing capability, which would be greater than the approximate 13,000 pounds towing capacity of its gas engine competitors, such as the Ford 150 and Chevy Silverado. Additionally, the stainless-steel frame is far more durable than the traditional aluminum body of its counterparts.

Factors to consider

There are several factors to consider with the Tesla Cybertruck that could be possible disadvantages. One factor to take into consideration is the vehicle’s overall weight with the stainless steel frame. It could pose a compromise to the actual driving range for the battery with all-trim models.

Many gas-engine trucks often compromise fuel efficiency extensively for tow capacity, especially when hauling heavy trailers and equipment. Therefore, it would be envisioned that when transporting heavy-duty equipment in the Tesla Cybertruck, you will more than likely see compromised driving ranges that are weight dependent.

Furthermore, once this electric pickup truck is officially released, it will important to observe if certain features like the self-driving software will be available when pulling hefty weight, given it could be a road safety concern.

Tesla cybertruck on the road

Concluding thoughts on using the Tesla Cybertruck as a work truck

The Tesla Cybertruck is set to be stiff competition with its gas-powered truck competitors. Proving quality tow capability with all-electric pickup truck technology, the Tesla Cybertruck will be a good vehicle as a work truck.

Given there’s an increased push for more EVs in the auto market, other manufacturers are also designing all-electric pickup trucks. It remains to be seen how the heavy-duty towing of equipment will impact drive range long term, once these trucks hit the production line.

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