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Boost office productivity by learning a musical instrument

We are always looking for ways to boost our productivity in the office. Working longer hours might seem to be key, but actually, studies have shown we need the right mix of relaxation and work in order to be the most productive. A novel idea to increase productivity is to challenge our brain by learning a musical instrument. Such an an endeavor requires persistence and practice, two things good to work on for any business success. There is also stimulation to our brain’s abilities when we learn to play. All this combined together can mean a strong increase in our relaxation, mental stimulation, and enjoyment of life as well as increasing our ability to think clearly.  Enhancing all these qualities can bring additional increases in our office productivity.

The viola is a great instrument to learn. With determination we can not only enhance our own mental abilities but soon be able to entertain others with our playing, an added benefit to satisfaction in life.

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Investing the time in learning a musical instrument can reward us with greater mental clarity and hone our concentration abilities. Along with its potential for increasing relaxation and reducing stress, this is a choice we can support for its positive potential benefit to productivity.

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