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Stocking up for the company’s kitchen-style break room

In many offices, employees are looking to upgrade their lunch hour even on the days where they eat at work. That’s why stocking up on a few kitchen-style items can make a big difference in helping them feel more comfortable and appreciated. It doesn’t take much money or room to make the break room a little more user friendly.

A paper towel holder might seem like a little thing, but it makes the break room feel more like a kitchen or dining area, allowing staffers to feel more at home and more able to feel free to bring in food choices that they would consider at home. The same goes for a cutting board, so they can cut up their fresh fruits and vegetables. The productivity and the employee morale can turn for the better with a few break room upgrades.

Setting up a little bit of a more functional eating and preparation area for employees can have benefits beyond employee satisfaction. Allowing people to eat at their work location means less lengthy lunches, so their transaction back to being on the clock can go more smoothly, and their productivity can increase. Supplies to prep for healthier food options also has health benefits that improve short-term productivity and more long-term issues like health care costs.

These small additions to the break room can change the atmosphere and the mood for the staff to give them the freedom to upgrade the food that they bring for their lunch break. In the end, people might even build better work relationships and bonds as they share a meal together. The break room supplies are a small cost to pay for such major benefits in the work environment.

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