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Fun crafts events for recreation centers

Recreation centers are great places for kids because they offer adult supervised play for children to enjoy. Often there are events for kids that feature arts and crafts. These are well attended because they appeal to the interests of children, especially when the focus is fun crafts to make. The imagination of kids can be stimulated with these events and they can learn while they play.

One event idea is to paint some craft sticks with glow in the dark pigments and then use a black light flashlight to make these artworks really glow. The kids will love the painting aspect and they will really enjoy seeing their work under the black light. Here are the items we will need to create this event.

Letting kids have fun creating this project will really make it a successful event. We can gently guide the kids into the steps of the plan but then just sit back and watch them make fun crafts. At the end of our time we can use this light to show the kids their projects in full glowing color. Lots of fun to be had with this idea.

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