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Great gifts for the office baby shower

An office baby shower is not an uncommon occurrence and we want to be ready for them. Yet, maybe we intended to find some great gifts but we just didn’t have the time to shop or to check out the baby registry. What we need is a sure fire gift that will not only look great, but be very useful as well. One great idea is socks. Keeping those little feet warm and cozy is very important. Even before a baby begins to walk they will need plenty of socks. Here is a great selection that will have the new parent grateful for our thoughtfulness.

We can feel secure knowing the attractive sock choices will be appreciated and well received. We can even buy several sets in different sizes to help keep up with the sock needs of the growing child. These socks are a great as simple baby shower gift.

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Show off your kids at the company party with these 5 accessories
serving platters office party man woman

Bringing your family to a company party can be a great way to socialize and let your coworkers get a glimpse of your everyday life. Spouses can bond, while kids can have a great time getting to know other children. Overall, it can be a fun and relaxing environment for everyone to learn a little bit more about the work-family balance of every employee. The next time you take your family to a company get together, check out these five items to have your kids dressed for the night!

Company parties can be a great way to have employee families meet and interact, and they may even form some close familial friendships. When children are involved, it can be fun for them to interact with other employee children. When it is time for them to dress up a little more formally, try these kid-friendly clothes — easy adjust ties and non-skid socks — for a fun night for everyone!

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5 compact tools that can give office kitchens a boost
upgrade office kitchen

Let's face it; no one asks much of the standard office kitchen. No state-of-the-art gadgets and appliances typically find their way into most workplace kitchen setups. Just the basics—coffee maker, paper cups, a paltry selection of spoons—are the tools of the trade there, and while that's hardly a tragedy, any standard office kitchen can get a quick boost with the addition of a few nifty kitchen gadgets.

We've rounded up 5 portable products that are both modest in size and modest in price, ideal for toting to work—and taking things up a notch in the kitchen. Whether making that vital morning coffee or recharging with an afternoon cup of tea, these little tools bring a dash of homey indulgence to the workplace kitchen—and do it all for under $20 a pop!

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Fun crafts events for recreation centers
Employees playing at work

Recreation centers are great places for kids because they offer adult supervised play for children to enjoy. Often there are events for kids that feature arts and crafts. These are well attended because they appeal to the interests of children, especially when the focus is fun crafts to make. The imagination of kids can be stimulated with these events and they can learn while they play.

One event idea is to paint some craft sticks with glow in the dark pigments and then use a black light flashlight to make these artworks really glow. The kids will love the painting aspect and they will really enjoy seeing their work under the black light. Here are the items we will need to create this event.

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