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5 Clutch items for commuters heading back to the office

After nearly two years of working from home, you may be headed back to the office. It’s natural to have mixed emotions. You may be excited to see your staff in person instead of over Zoom. You no longer have to deal with shoddy Internet connections or asking someone to mute because their cat is meowing loudly in the background.

That said, you may not be pumped about the drive. You got used to walking 100 yards from your bed to the home office. Driving to and from work can also do a number on your car, and the last stressor you need is an auto-related issue holding you up from an important business meeting. A few products can make your drive safer, more comfortable, and come in clutch if something goes wrong. Here’s what commuters should keep in their car.

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In-office workdays are here again, and that likely means the return of your morning and evening drive. You likely don’t want car problems added to your daily itinerary. As a businessperson, you have enough to worry about, from revenue to operations and staff. Make life easier by having a few necessities in your car. Sun visors and dashboard covers protect your vehicle and eyes from the heat and daylight. Other items, like a pump and funnel, come in clutch if you have a breakdown, and a charger adapter ensures you show up to work ready to nail your next sales call.

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