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How to clean a mop head so you don’t spread germs

After giving your home a good, solid clean with a mop, how often do we remember to clean the mop itself? Mops are meant to be cleaned after they’re used, so there’s no spreading germs around your home. You’re probably unsure what is the best way to disinfect it and keep your home protected. 

We’ve got you covered, since we’ll be providing the methods to effectively clean a mop. Considering the head of the mop is removable, following these simple steps will ensure that you have a sanitary mop and a hygienic household. 

how to clean a mop


It is important that after mopping your hard floors, the mop has to be rinsed afterward. You have to make sure that leftover dirt and the active cleaning solution used are completely removed from the mop. Even a trace of dirt will spread germs when you use the mop again, and residuals of the cleaning solution may cause damage to it, so be sure to give the mop a thorough, complete rinse.


After rinsing, the next step is to wash the mop by soaking it in a mixture of half hot water and half bleach in a clean bucket. Attention must be taken to ensure the mixture completely soaks into it. If you’re out of bleach, you could use dish detergent or vinegar as a substitute. It’s also important that the water is extremely hot. Thoroughly soak the mop for 15 minutes in order for a proper wash to take place. 

However, if you have a machine-washable mop head, put it in the washing machine to clean it. Follow the cleaning directions so it’s not damaged. Generally, you can wash it on the gentle cycle at the hottest temperature. 


For the next step, a complete drying process must be done to ensure the complete removal of bacteria. Wringing of the mop after washing it should be done in order to maximize the removal of water. That is followed by hanging it outside, on a clothesline, for example. Sun-drying a mop is beneficial, since sunshine naturally kills both the bacteria and mold that would grow on it.

If sun-drying isn’t possible, stand the mop upright in a dry and ventilated area or in a bathtub. That way, you’ll avoid mildew or bacteria growth.

how to clean a mop
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Proper Storage

The best storage location for a mop is a cool, dry place. Hanging it during storage helps prevent the mop head from brushing against the floor. It also keeps the mop in good condition for the next time you use it.


A mop can become a cleaning hazard if the head is not replaced as required. It is sufficient to use a mop head for two to three months, or sooner if it appears especially dirty. Periodical replacement of a mop head helps to prevent the spread of germs. Plus, a worn mop will not be effective when it’s used again.

It is important that your mop is cleaned after every use in order to maintain maximum hygiene in your home. Also, periodical replacement of worn-out mop head should become a habit. Following these simple steps will certainly help to provide an effective mop every time you use it to clean, which will aid in stopping the spread of germs in the household. Stay safe.

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