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The best car carpet cleaners for removing dirt and grease

Car carpet cleaners can break up tough dirt and grease stains by using hot water and suction. The cleaners range from lightweight to large and from fast-performing to quick-drying. No matter what features you seek, there’s a car carpet cleaner that’s suited to your needs. These leading picks hit a lot of the marks you need.

Cars are very expensive, so it’s important to do anything possible to protect that big investment. One key way to is keep the carpets in like-new condition. Stay on top of stains, ground-in dirt, and road debris by purchasing a high-performing car carpet cleaner. These cleaners deserve your attention as top performers and highly reliable portable units.

BLACK+DECKER dusbuster Handheld Vacuum

Best Overall

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Have a lot of difficult-to-reach areas in your car’s interior and carpeting? The BLACK+DECKER dusbuster Handheld Vacuum can help because it offers a top-notch slim nozzle that targets dirt in tight spaces. The cordless cleaner is engineered to generate cyclonic action that spins dust and debris away from the filter, so suction power remains strong. Its highly visible and bagless dirt bowl is easy to monitor and empty, while a pull-out crevice tool targets hard-to-reach areas.

ThisWorx for Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Best With Carry Bag

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A car carpet cleaner that’s highly portable and easy to carry is a bonus. ThisWorx for Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner is a car-vacuum set that features a carrying bag for easier portability and  storage, as well as three all-purpose nozzles, a special filter cleaning brush, and a spare HEPA filter. The set comes with a high-powered, corded, and hand-held vacuum featuring a 16-foot cable, plus a car accessories kit for detailing work.

HOTOR Car Vacuum

Best LED Light

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It’s easier to clean and vacuum your car’s carpets and interior when you can see what you’re vacuuming. The HOTOR Car Vacuum offers a super-bright LED light so a car can be cleaned both during light hours and darkness. Featuring double filtration, the vacuum’s filter is covered with a filter wrap. It is designed to maintain stable suction, extend the filter’s life, and avoid clogging the filter. A detachable dustcup head eases dumping, so cleaning can continue quickly.

Keep your car’s carpets and interior clean and tidy with a top-performing and easy-to-use car carpet cleaner. These buy-worthy models are solid in many ways.

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