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The best power screwdrivers that are dependable for any project

Dependability and versatility describe most power screwdrivers, battery power screwdrivers, and battery-powered screwdrivers. They can accurately drive screws into wood, plastics, and light-gauge metals, and offer a pivoting handle to provide a more solid grip. Check out our list of optimal power screwdrivers, battery power screwdrivers, and battery-powered screwdrivers to find what best fits your needs.

The peak torque of a power screwdriver, battery power screwdriver, or battery-powered screwdriver can be adjusted to suit a particular need. Those tools also tend to be fast, efficient, and capable of handling multiple jobs. When you need more power in your hand, reach for one of these power screwdrivers, battery power screwdrivers, or battery-powered screwdrivers.

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BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill

Best budget

Go for dependability coupled with affordability by choosing the BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill/Drive. The priced-right tool comes with a cordless LDX120 drill/driver, LBX20 20-volt MAX lithium ion battery, LCS20 charger, and double-ended bit. The battery is designed to be light, compact, and provide a longer life. The drill/drive features 11 cutch positions to offer precise control for drilling into wood, metal, and plastic, as well as handling all screwdriving tasks.

DEWALT Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

Best value

Overall value is a key overall consideration for a power screwdriver. The DEWALT Cordless Drill/Driver Kit delivers high on value by offering a high-performance motor that delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power and a high-speed transmission that provides two speeds for a range of fastening and drilling applications. Its single-sleeve ratcheting chuck is engineered to provide tight bit-gripping strength, while its ergonomic handle is tailored for comfort and control.


Bosch Two Speed Driver

Best compact

If you’re driving screws and other fasteners in tight spaces, you need a compact power screwdriver. That accurately describes the Bosch Two Speed Driver, which is just 7 inches long and weighs only about 2 pounds. Its exceptional performance-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for electricians, plumbers, or contractors. Offering high torque and two speed settings, the power tool is engineered to tackle applications in drywall, wood, or metal.

Power up on torque when you’re driving screws or installing other fasteners by landing a good power screwdriver, battery power screwdriver, or battery-powered screwdriver. Any of these top-notch options can do the trick.


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