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The best all-purpose cleaners for removing stains, odor, and bacteria

You may be tempted to simply wipe down different surfaces with wipes or using conventional soap or other common detergents to clean up areas around the house. Though they may work on the surface, those things do nothing to actually get rid of dirt, bacteria, and viruses. Get yourself an all-purpose cleaner that wants to get to the bottom of stains and odors to eliminate them immediately.

All-purpose cleaners take away the guesswork of making the house look spotless. It can prevent accidental chemical mixing that can be dangerous — like how you are not supposed to put bleach and ammonia together because it can produce a toxic gas. Better be safe than sorry and keep around the all-purpose cleaner to tackle most of your surfaces in the house.

Simple Green Industrial Cleaner

Best value

Get yourself a large tub of the Simple Green Industrial Cleaner, and you are set for your home. This is an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser that will not empty your pockets at all. It removes stains and odors without leaving a strong odor at the end. It is safe for all washable surfaces because of its nontoxic formula. You can guarantee a lack of streaks left over because of the nonabrasive formula in the bottle, as well. Clean with confidence with this all-purpose cleaner on your side.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Everyday Cleaner

Easiest application

Even inexperienced spring cleaners will be able to pick up Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Everyday Cleaner and use with ease. This multisurface cleaner is in an easy-to-use spritz bottle that can be stored anywhere — the laundry room, the kitchen, and the hallway storage closet. This is a fresh way to clean and remove odors from nonporous surfaces, including walls and floors. The cruelty-free line of products make for a great partner when cleaning up the various surfaces around the house.

CarGuys Super Cleaner

Best for car owners

Car owners rejoice because the CarGuys Super Cleaner is here. This cleaner is made specifically for cars. The multisurface cleaner is made with nanotechnology that will lift up dirt and grime for an easier cleanup. You can forget having an entire shelf dedicated to cleaners when you can just carry this one around. The cleaner leaves a matte finish, so you do not get any random shiny spots around your car or its dashboard. The cleaner can be used inside the car and even on car chairs for a thorough cleaning.

You are already working so hard to clean up and maintain the home with your cleaning prowess. Give yourself a break and conquer those stains and odors with the right all-purpose cleaner. The efficiency of your work and the productivity of your cleaning sessions will skyrocket, and you will soon forget what your life was before the product was introduced to you.

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