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The best landscape staples for securing outdoor fabrics and other yard materials

Outdoor fabrics like chicken wire, weed mats, and synthetic grasses may be dangerous tripping hazards. You can use landscape staples to hold down these common yard materials and ensure safety for your family. We’ve investigated the common features of the best landscape staples on the market and highlighted our favorite ones here.

A landscape staple is identified by its length, width, and thickness, or by its gauge. Long landscape staples are typically used in soft soils to prevent breaking. On the other hand, shorter and wider staples can cut through hard soils.

As for gauge, remember that thicker staples have a lower gauge number. Note that an 11 gauge works for average soil types and common uses. Now, let’s look at your best options.

Homestead Choice Landscape Sod Staples

Best Overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Homestead Choice staples are made of galvanized steel that works even on damp soils. The 11 gauge stakes effectively hold down weed mats, chicken wire, and drip irrigation tubes. One pack includes 100 staples, so you can make your yard accident-proof in just one gardening session.

Ashman Galvanized Landscape Staples

Most Durable

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The 6-inch Ashman staple is the most durable option. Keep rose bushes contained, tomato cages pinned down, and chain-link fences secured with this 11 gauge staple. The valuable 200-count set can be used in one go or stored indefinitely without rusting, thanks to galvanized steel.

AAGUT OuYi Garden Staples

Best Value

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The AAGUT 11 gauge, U-pin shaped staples work in both soft and hard soils. The angled, sharp ends mean they puncture the soil deeply with little effort. No matter what you use them for, the hot-dip galvanizing process ensures that these staples perform better than their thin-coated counterparts.

Landscape staples perform multiple functions in your garden or yard. They keep flowers and plants under control, fix weed mats onto the soil, move chicken wire out of walk paths, and more. Additionally, their galvanized steel coating protects them from the elements and prevents rusting. Transform your garden into a safe haven by using any of the landscape staples on our list.

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