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The best fabric markers for working with cloths and textiles

Your creative touch doesn’t need to stop with a canvas or craft item. You can add a design to clothing or a handbag, too. Should you use one that’s pink or red or green or blue or yellow? Or should you stick with a basic black? And should you go for a bold design or keep it minimalist — just your name, for example? You have many choices to make when it comes to branding your clothing and accessories with fabric markers or permanent fabric markers. These intriguing markers can help you narrow down colors or designs.

Fabric markers and permanent fabric markers contain a permanent color dye, paint, or ink that’s engineered to not wash out of clothing or fade after multiple washes. They can be used for branding t-shirts, blouses, hats, scarves, and many other clothing items. To explore the parameters of your own personal touch, get one of these leading fabric markers or permanent fabric markers.

Crafts 4 ALL Permanent Fabric Marker

Best Overall

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Quality and versatility are the hallmarks that professionals seek in a fabric marker. Crafts 4 All Permanent Fabric Marker offers these qualities. Sold as a set of two black markers, they promise premium quality and a permanent non-bleed mark on any fabric. The markers can accommodate writing in both thin or thick lines for higher versatility. Clothing with designs or writing remains pigmented and fade-resistant when washed in normal cycles. Try this enticing permanent fabric marker to make your clothing more alluring.

Creative Joy Fabric Markers

Most Versatile

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How about a fabric marker that offers a lot of colors and a lot of versatility? That describes the dual-tip Creative Joy Fabric Markers, which are available in 12 colors and feature a fine point that can be used to outline, draw, write, or add detail to a fabric design. In addition, a thick point can help fill in pictures drawn on fabric. The markers are designed for use on any fabric and a host of other branding items, including bibs, aprons, sneakers, and jackets.

Crafts 4 ALL Fabric Marker Pen Set

Best Color Variety

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If 24 colors don’t spell “variety” among fabric markers, then how many colors would? The Crafts 4 All Fabric Marker Pen Set is a top-notch option because it offers so many rainbow, earth, and fluorescent hues. The non-toxic markers feature a fine bullet tip for doodling, outlining, thick writing, sketching, underlining, or pro-grade calligraphy.

The best floor squeegees for large-scale cleaning tasks
the best floor squeegees for big floors and concrete squeegee

Mops and brooms may not be enough when you want to clean large areas efficiently and thoroughly. Floor squeegees help eliminate dirt, large pieces of trash, or water from your floor. Armed with any squeegee from our list, you can clean your whole house in no time and still have the whole day to yourself.

Floor squeegees feature different broom heads and handles. Common broom-head materials include natural rubber and foam. Bristle-type brooms are best for catching pet hair from rugs, while one-piece scoop style heads are ideal for pushing debris, snow, and sludge from outdoor surfaces.

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The best screen printing squeegee for your design project
the best screen printing squeegee

Your handmade shirts or bags will look professionally made with the right screen-printing squeegee. Special blades and handle ensure the ink comes on evenly on any fabric you’re using. To help you achieve artisan quality results, we’ve rounded up the best screen-printing squeegees on this list for you to try.

Screen-printing squeegees contain two parts: The handle and the blade. Choose a handle that feels comfortable. Wood handles are popular, but they’re more difficult to clean than plastic or metal handles.

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The best bottle cleaning brushes for cleaning slim-necked bottles and objects
the best bottle cleaning brush cleaner

Many bottles have a thinner design with a slim neck. These are a style of water bottles that may be convenient to carry around and drink from, but it is a nightmare to clean without the right brush to use. If you are trying to blindly clean by shoving a sponge in there, you will get nowhere. Get something with a long barrel and a sturdy handle, and you will be able to clean those up without any problem.

It can be dangerous to leave parts of bottles unclean. Your water bottle comes into contact with your mouth, and all of the bacteria that lives in your mouth will transfer over to it. That is why you are not supposed to reuse plastic bottles because they can be a hotbed for bacteria to grow. You do not want to simulate that in your own reusable bottle, so get yourself the right bottle-cleaning brush.
Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Brush
Best silicone brush

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