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The best angle rulers for accurate measurements

Clear markings on angle rulers enable users to more accurately construct and measure angles, triangles, and other geometric shapes. Architects, engineers, and carpenters frequently measure angles, such as the angle formed by the ground and a wood railing on stairs. Anyone can benefit from an angle rule, just as you would benefit from one of these fine such rulers.

In a nutshell, an angle ruler quite simply is used to measure different types of angles. The ruler — many of which are flexible and produced from clear plastic — measure in inches, centimeters, and degrees. No matter how you plan to measure an angle or what material you need it to be made of, these leading angle rulers can be your measuring tool of choice.

Swanson Tool Square Layout Tool

Best metal

Image used with permission by copyright holder

In many cases, something made of metal lasts much longer than something made of plastic. Metal is what makes the Swanson Tool Square Layout Tool a leading metal ruler. It features heavy-gauge billet aluminum alloy construction that’s die-cast for higher accuracy compared with laser-etched and extruded-stamped rafter squares. The angle ruler’s high-visibility, black gradations with a nonglare, matte finish make readings easier in any lighting conditions.

GemRed Digital Protractor Angle Finder

Best with digital readout

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You can determine an angle manually or gain a boost from the digital age. The GemRed Digital Protractor Angle Finder rates high as an angle ruler with a digital readout. The quick and clear digital readout offers accuracy of plus or minus 0.3 degrees and resolution at 0.1 degrees.  Zeroing is available at any angle for relative measuring, and a locking screw can hold any angle.

General Tools Digital Angle Finder Ruler

Best value

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Precision and value are key when it comes to shopping for an angle ruler. The General Tools Digital Angle Finder Rule is a good value, serving as a digital protractor with lock and reverse-angle functions. A hinge mechanism on the angle rule allows a full 360 degrees to measure inside outside and reverse angles. The ruler can be zeroed at any point in its swing and features a 5-inch digital measuring stick.

Get fast and accurate angle measurements — even digitally — with a helpful angle ruler. These top-notch options can serve as a good measuring stick for your angle ruler needs.

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