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The best drywall screws for a secure fit

When you’re attaching drywall to a wall or ceiling, you need a drywall screw. They ensure a secure fit and sturdy attachment so you don’t have to redo your entire improvement project. Fortunately, we’ve written up a thorough guide on the best drywall screws to help you make your decision.

The type of drywall screw you’ll need mainly depends on your drywall’s thickness. Most homes have 0.5-inch thick drywall, which means you’ll need 1.25-inch or 1.625-inch screws. Another feature you need to look out for is thread type.

A coarse thread is ideal for attaching drywall to wood studs, but a fine thread is best for attaching drywall to metal studs. Let’s take a closer look at which drywall screw you might be looking for.

Qualihome Plastic Self Drilling Screws

Best Overall

Qualihome’s set includes self-drilling screws and drywall anchors. The hard plastic anchors and included coarse-thread screws are best for 0.5-inch thick drywall and for hanging wall-mounted home decor like electrical fixtures, shelves, or picture frames.

Toofix Drywall Screws and Anchor Set

Best Value

The Toofix set leaves you with 20 screws that measure 1.25 inches, plus 20 plastic anchors. This combination has a holding power of up to 50 pounds, making this a valuable purchase for personal use. With the self-drilling feature, you’ll find that installing drywall and fixtures takes you a fraction of the time compared to regular screws.

Qualihome Drywall Screw Set

Best Assortment

The Qualihome drywall screw set includes six varied size drywall anchors, four different size screws, and toggle bolts. These screws provide light to moderate support for various projects. When you’re done with your project, store leftover pieces in the included carry case.

With the right drywall screw, you’ll save time and money on your upgrades and renovations. The most important factors to look for in a drywall screw are its compatibility with your drywall thickness and how much weight it can support. It’s a good thing you can choose any one of the drywall screws on our list to ensure your drywall and wall-mounted accents are secured.

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