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The best pocket screwdrivers for basic tasks

Pocket screwdrivers are versatile, functional, and really handy. They’re around when you need them and give you more freedom than carrying a massive case for all your repairs. A good pocket screwdriver is a vital part of your tool kit, so start with a few of our favorites. You’ll get a pocket screwdriver that’s well-made and just right for you.

Pocket screwdrivers offer quick repairs in a tool that you always have on hand. Some pocket screwdrivers aren’t meant to last, but if you get a well-crafted one, it could be a versatile option designed to be there when you need it. We have compiled a list of our top picks for best pocket screwdriver right here, so let’s find the perfect one for your repair jobs.

Klein Tools Pocket Screwdriver

Best Overall

Klein Tools’ pocket screwdriver includes several everyday electronics screw tips in an ultraconvenient yet durable package. Stainless steel prevents bits from corroding, while an extender shaft gives you more reach when you need it. You get four different tips — #0 and #00 Phillips plus 1/8-Inch and 3/32-Inch slotted tips — plus an interchangeable barrel for long and short sides. Everything fits right into the shaft for secure storage.

MulWark Pocket Screwdriver

Best Value

MulWark’s ratchet wrench and pocket screwdriver is a handy tool designed for home repairs and other jobs. It’s a durable steel tool with 11 interchangeable bits, including some of the most common household screw tips. It features a right-angle design for getting into tight places and a single-switch operation to change ratchet direction. It comes with a simple cartridge organizer that fits in small places for easy reach.

Bostitch Office Stanley Pocket Screwdriver

Most Durable

The Bostitch Office Stanley four-in-one pocket screwdriver gives you the tough construction Stanley is known for in a convenient, pocket-sized housing. Bits store inside the shaft, and magnetic tips help keep small pieces from getting lost. A clip holds it right on your pocket, while the comfort-grip handle gives you precision and finger control. The pack comes with two screwdrivers.

Don’t let huge tool cases cramp your style. Our durable pocket screwdrivers offer a range of capabilities in a convenient package and are designed to perform just like your standard tool sets. If a pocket screwdriver isn’t on your must-have list, it’s time to change that with one of our favorites and minimize what you’re carrying.

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JIS screwdrivers are common in the Pacific Rim, and at some point, you’ll probably encounter one. You can make do with a Phillips head, but having a JIS screwdriver on hand gives you better leverage. Let’s take a look at our favorite pics for the best JIS screwdriver to get you started on your next project.
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Throwing screwdrivers into a bin doesn’t help you find what you need. The time you spend digging through and looking for the right screwdriver could be spent on getting the job done. Plus, with organizers, you always know what screwdriver is missing, so you’re less likely to lose one in the course of a project. Let’s take a look at our list of top screwdriver organizers to help get your tools in better shape.
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Trying to catch screws as they come out of their place is hit-and-miss. Unscrewing them through the final threads with your fingers alone adds unnecessary time and effort to what you’re doing. A magnetized screwdriver helps you keep up with all the little pieces without losing time looking for screws. Let’s take a look at our list of best magnetized screwdrivers and find the right one for you.
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