The best white markers for writing on dark surfaces

White markers help the do-it-yourself party planner or craft maker tap their creativity. From a white fabric marker to a white permanent marker, they can be used to create striking or bold lines to support artistic creation. Express yourself or write an expression on an object with a white marker. These intriguing white fabric markers or white permanent markers can help with an array of projects, to jotting down a saying or writing down something important to remember on a myriad of objects. Consider these top-notch white markers when the creative juices flow or critical information needs to be preserved.

A white fabric marker or white permanent marker can be used to write, draw, or scribble on most non-porous surfaces, such as metal, rubber, glass, and plastic. They can also be used as outline markers. These top-notch white markers promise a host of uses for everyone in the family, from parents in the garage or laundry room to the kids in the art room.

Chalky Crown Liquid Chalk Marker Pen

Best for Kids

Poring over websites in search of a good white marker for your kids? Bring that quest to an end with the Chalky Crown Liquid Chalk Marker Pen. A leading white marker for kids, it is odor- and dust-free and has a non-toxic formula designed to be eco-friendly and safe for home use. Anything written or drawn on a non-porous surface with the marker can be removed with a wet paper towel.

Chalkola Liquid Chalk Marker Pen

Best With Reversible Tip

Perhaps a reversible tip is a key feature you want in your next white marker. If that’s the case, then get the Chalkola Liquid Chalk Marker Pen. Ranked high among white markers with reversible tips, it can be used to decorate wedding signs, shop storefronts, milestone boards, menus, or car mirrors. The six-pack of dry erase, non-toxic chalk markers — which are also xylene- and dust-free — come with 50 chalkboard labels.

FLYMAX White Paint Pen

Best Acrylic

Interested in a good acrylic white marker? Then take a gander at the Flymax White Paint Pen, an acrylic paint marker pen that dries quickly, provides long-lasting color, won’t leak, and contains no harmful chemicals. The leading acrylic white marker can be used on a variety of surfaces, including ceramic, wood, leather, plastic fabric, canvas, stone, and glass.

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