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How to hire good employees for your small business

Why did you get into business in the first place? For many small business owners, it was to be their own boss, do something they enjoy and turn a profit over time. So, how to hire good employees for a small business should always be a key focus of yours.

Unless you are your company’s only employee, you have to rely on other workers to help make your business a success. At the end of the day, are you confident you’re hiring the best talent possible?

Investing in the best employees possible

Is employee turnover hurting your business?

Investing in the best employees for your business is important on several fronts. Of most importance, know too many bad hires can have a negative financial impact on all you’ve worked for.

According to The HR & Employment Engagement Community, some 30 percent of businesses surveyed stated it takes upwards of a year or longer for a replacement employee to work to meet the level of required productivity of the person who departed the company. The bottom line is, high turnover can mean less productivity, and in turn, lower revenue.

When it comes to hiring the right employees for the right positions, here are some tips to help you out.

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How to hire the right employees

Make your business look good

What prospect will work for you if your job offer and business are not attractive? This means offering competitive wages and healthcare benefits if necessary. It also means you have room for growth. An individual looking at job opportunities more often than not will go where growth is attainable. Face it; few people want to be stuck in a dead-end job. You will also need to provide the proper resources for anyone you hire to succeed. He or she won’t get very far in your company if you saddle them with mediocre technology and other such resources. Finally, you want an atmosphere that is welcoming and offers the opportunity to have some fun. That is while still putting in a good day’s work. Running your business like a Marine drill sergeant is not going to attract many workers.

Background checks do matter

Your business must look good to prospects, but you’ll want potential hires to be a good fit for you. Take the time to know who you may be hiring. Yes, one’s work experience and talents they bring to the table are of the utmost importance, but you can’t sleep on one’s personal background. You could find the most experienced and talented person to fill a position, yet they could be the worst hire you make. Why is that? Maybe they have a criminal background. Perhaps they have bounced from one job to another in a short amount of time. They might also not mesh well with others, meaning being a team player is not in their vocabulary. Do research like online background checks and know who could be the next hire on your payroll.

Age and experience are important

It is not uncommon for some or even many businesses to hire younger candidates. Why do they do this? In many instances, it means paying a younger worker less than you would one who has been working for many years. While you think you are saving money, it can in fact cost you more over time. Yes, it goes back to the earlier mentioning of high turnover. Older employees tend to bring more experience and a desire for better salaries. They also can be a stabilizing force for your business. Don’t think because you hire someone with many years of experience that they will break your wallet. Don’t fear they will be hard to train and deal with. While they may be set in their ways, there is no reason they can’t pick up new technology and work with people much younger. In fact, the older employee can be a good role model for the younger crowd you employ when it comes to work ethic, how to deal with the buying public, and so on. Finally, you do not want to be accused of age discrimination. Given all you have on your plate as an owner, the last thing you want is a reputation for not welcoming all people.

How much flexibility do you offer employees?

Another focus should be some flexibility in the conditions. Yes, some jobs need employees to be onsite at all times, while other jobs can take place from one’s home on a regular basis. They can also be a mix of working in the office and at home one or more days a week. Depending on if you have many parents of younger children working for you, daycare options may be in the mix, too. You might even be in a setting where it is okay at times for an employee to bring their child to work. Memberships to a local gym, happy hoursm and other types of events also can mean better conditions and office morale. Lastly, good employees will appreciate the fact you offer an open line of communication on the job. Whether that is with you or one’s supervisor etc. let employees know they can come to someone in authority. That is when there is a work-related or even personal issue needing to be addressed.

By following these tips, you’ll ensure that you hire the best possible workers for your company, which can help set you up for many years of great success.

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