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Low-cost advertising is possible — here’s how it’s done

You know that you need to get the word out about your company. Particularly when your business is brand-new, you have a sense of overwhelming urgency. People need to know you exist! And, they need to know right now — at this very moment.

However, most people have ideas about what advertising costs. “It’s too expensive!” they cry. Then, they throw up their hands and opt for word-of-mouth marketing alone. After all, talking to people is free. Yet, the truth is that there are cheap ways to advertise that are effective, won’t break the bank, and that can start bringing in customers and clients consistently.

Advertising doesn’t have to cost your business a ton of money. Here’s how to do it for less than you think.

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Create a free Google My Business account

Knowing how to advertise cheap isn’t something you’re born with. Therefore, you should spend some time acquainting yourself with the many advertising and marketing methods out there.

With that said, one way you can advertise locally on the cheap is to set up a Google My Business profile. We say cheap, but a Google My Business profile is free. You don’t pay a thing. The benefit of having a profile is that your company shows up on Google Search’s local listings and Google Maps.

Of course, you need to optimize your profile if you want it to rank higher in Google Maps and Google Local Search. Before you can do all of that, though, you need a Google My Business account.

Use LinkedIn for more than your résumé

Most people seem to have the idea that LinkedIn is the resting place of their online résumé. Of course, you can use the platform for that. You can also try to find jobs on LinkedIn, which you then send your LinkedIn profile to just as you would a résumé. However, using the business social-media platform like that is like driving a 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S, which can hit 205 mph, at a mere 60 mph. It can do so much more!

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you should create one. Once you’ve got one made, you should be connecting with people who are most likely to be your customers. In addition, you should be posting interesting things about your business, sharing your blog posts, getting involved in relevant forums, and putting out value.

Nothing makes an impact by telling people you can help them with whatever and then actually helping them. LinkedIn can be an excellent resource that you can use to earn your customers’ trust and respect while you build your brand.

Keep in mind that while LinkedIn has several premium services, a regular free account can serve you just fine until you’re ready to use the platform to the fullest extent possible.

Claim free ad promo credits

While you’ll usually have to spend some money, you can still find coupons and discounts for advertising with Google Ads and Facebook. However, if you do get coupons or discounts, you’ll still need to know how to run PPC ads. To get the best results, you must brush up on your skills or find someone with the right skills to set things up and run the ads for you.

Try out guerilla marketing

Time to get creative! Guerilla marketing is all about using your brainpower rather than your financial power. Thus, it can help level the playing field against a competitor that only throws money at problems. In addition, if you’re crafty and can figure out ways to get your message in front of the right people, you can further engage customers you already have. Perhaps you can also grab new ones while you’re at it!

A few tactics you could try are things like setting up signs near significant events. Think about sporting or music events. You probably can’t put your advertising in the events themselves because you’d have to pay the organizer. However, you might be able to set up signs all around the event itself!

Another tactic is using experiential marketing. For instance, you might see this in grocery stores where a particular food brand is handing out small samples of their product. You get to try the food, and if you like it, the likelihood that you’ll buy the food and tell others about it increases.

There’s a whole host of guerilla-marketing tactics you could choose to implement. You can learn more about them in the bestselling book Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson.

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Use proven tactics

The bottom line is that there are a wide range of free or cheap marketing tactics that you can use to get your business off the ground and growing. A pro tip is to make sure that you don’t fall prey to “shiny object syndrome.” Don’t jump at every new marketing or advertising strategy or tactic that comes your way.

Instead, ensure that the marketing and advertising strategies you use have been proven in the marketplace over time. Today, that means using tactics that are a mix of digital and traditional methods. In many instances, you can get your brand’s messages out in a powerful way if you play your cards right.

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