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Funding and financing

Construction loan approval

Construction loans explained: What they are and how they work

Here's what you need to know about construction loans.
market research roofing team work marketing process strategy analysing stock dashboard

Passive income vs. active income: What’s the difference?

Smiling business man in bank

Which bank is the right choice for your small business?

financial projections profit loss chart person writing on chart next to a laptop

How to create a funding-request business plan

cash flow management chart

4 Reasons You Should Better Manage Your Company’s Cash Flow


How to calculate cash flow from financing

obtain business loan bank officer sent pen and application for signing

How to obtain a business loan

Picture of a cash flow sheet

Why you should hire an accountant for your small business

3D illustration folder tab

How to figure cash flow for your business

small business financial advice man saving money

If you’re a small business, follow this financial advice

Two women calculating business funds

How to calculate your total cash flow


4 steps to getting a business loan

Stack of receipts with computer and credit cards

3 Platforms that will help you manage business expenses

You need to keep business expenses low. These three platforms will help.
Waitress talking to customer

How to start a small restaurant or food cart

Starting up a small restaurant or food cart sounds easy, but it's not. Our tips and tricks help get you going.
Carpenter working with wood in woodshop

How to start your own carpentry business

Tired of working for someone else? Here's how to start your own carpentry business.
Two women looking at paperwork in an office

Why cash flow is vital to any small-business owner

We explain why cash flow should be something your small business considers, no matter how new or established you are.
Woman and man with paperwork in an office

How to write a funding request for your startup

Need funding for your startup? We'll show you how how to write a request.
Freshly baked loaves of bread

How to write a business plan for a bakery

Looking to start your own bakery? Here are some great ways to write a business plan.
Cheerful food truck owner

Going fast: How to quickly write a business plan to start a food truck

We show you how to write a business plan and get your food truck up and running quickly.
Office with laptop computers

Low-cost advertising is possible — here’s how it’s done

Advertising doesn't have to cost your business a ton of money. Here's how to do it for less than you think.
Cash flow projections meeting

How to finance a startup business

Have a great idea -- but no cash? We'll tell you how to finance your startup the right way.
Young woman working at an office

Small-office management software that won’t cost you a month’s income

Small-office management software can be expensive. Here are some low-cost options to consider.
Businessman writing business plan

How to write a real estate business plan

Starting a new real estate business? Here's everything you need to know about writing your first business plan.
Two men working on construction site

How to lay out your business plan for a construction startup

Your new construction business needs more than customers. Here's how to write your first business plan.
Bankruptcy petition on a table

How to pay up when your business goes bankrupt

Bankruptcy is an unfortunate reality for many. If you're facing it yourself, here's how you can plan and pay for expenses.
Female MMA fighter training

How to open a gym and capitalize on the MMA craze

Whether you want a standard gym or something more unique for an MMA audience, we'll tell you how to open a gym.