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Spark Creativity With Office Art Night

Creative ruts happen, and they’re no fun. If you feel like you’ve heard the same ideas every month at meetings, it may be time to step back and find other ways to spark innovation. An office art night can be a low-pressure team-building exercise to get people to think more creatively.

Paint Nites were all the rage a few years back, and you might consider bringing the fun trend to your office. You can also engage employees in other DIY crafts, like molding and T-shirt designing activities. There are plenty of options. Whichever choice you settle on will require some tools you likely don’t have around the office. Here’s what you might need for office art night.

Office art nights can be a fun way to bond with your staff and may even get their creative juices flowing in a new way. Art can teach people to think differently and add a unique touch to their work that can also extend to the board room. Employees shouldn’t feel pressure to create something fit to hang in the Louvre. Instead, focus on fun and personal creativity. You’ll want to have tools on hand, like acrylic paints, canvas, or hand casting kits. Consider also serving food and beverages, like cheese, soda, and cocktails, to keep the staff satisfied and buzzing throughout the night.

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