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The best brooms and dustpans to keep spaces clean

This collection of broom and dustpan sets include options with short and long handles. They come with high-capacity pans or smaller ones, too. Some are priced high, while others are more affordable while still providing great value. To decide on the best set for you, evaluate your needs prior to purchasing a broom and dustpan combo. No matter which way you go, these prime brooms and dustpans offer the features or value you desire.

Functionality is key when using a broom and dustpan. You need a broom to efficiently push dirt and debris into a dustpan, and you need a dustpan to effectively collect all swept materials without leaving anything remaining on the floor. These leading broom and dustpan combos scream functionality and are all you’ll need to sweep hard floors with authority.

TreeLen Dustpan and Broom

Best Overall

Why not reach for a primo broom and dustpan combo? That would be the TreeLen Dustpan and Broom, which is considered a solid overall choice. The lobby broom — which features a 52-inch steel handle — snaps easily together with the dustpan to be stored in a stand-up position. The upright dustpan is produced from high-quality plastic to increase durability, it can be used on hard or soft surfaces, and it includes a clip-attached pan handle for the broom.

Casabella Basics Set Silver and Green

Best Value

A low price doesn’t necessarily mean a broom and dustpan set is made cheaply. The Casabella Basics Set Silver and Green ranks among sets at a good value, yet offers a dustpan with teeth for cleaning dust and debris from the bottom of the broom’s bristles. Plus, the broom and dustpan snap together for easier storage. The set features three-piece poles that take little effort to connect by twisting together until the pole is secure. Then, attach the head with a similar twisting motion.

SANGFOR Broom and Dustpan Set

Best Expandable Pole

If you need a broom and dustpan combo that offers an expandable pole, the Sangfor Broom and Dustpan Set should be considered. The dustpan and broomstick have two and three segments, respectively. Users can choose the right length for each according to their height. A long handle accommodates sweeping in an upright position to avoid bending and reduce stress on the waist.

Make sweeping hard floors a snap by getting a broom and dustpan that work well in tandem and can even snap together. Keep these effective broom and dustpan combos in mind when you’re ready to get one.

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