The best 0.7 mm pencil lead refills that are sturdy and reliable

The beauty of mechanical pencil lead refills is that they fit every pen; the only distinguishing factor is the size. So, if you’re looking for the 0.7mm size, you can check out these choices and see which one meets your needs –and your pencil — the best. No matter what you use your mechanical pencil for, you need your refills to be sturdy and reliable, and also give you good quality for your money.

Even if you are a veteran of mechanical pencils, you want the best-quality pencil lead refills you can get, and the technology has improved drastically over the years. Older refills used to be thin, fragile, and difficult to manage, but modern pencil leads are strong and durable. All of these pencil lead 0.7mm refills make excellent choices, and you can feel good about purchasing any of them. Let’s take a look below.

June Gold HB#2 Lead Refills

Best Overall

If you’re looking for large quantities of standard No. 2 pencil lead, the June Gold 0.7 mm lead refills are a prudent choice. These leads are great for distribution throughout schools and offices, and are perfect in environments where all pencil markings need to be consistent.

Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead Refills

Best Value

With this product, Pentel once again shows its ability to make excellent quality writing products. These popular pencil leads produce a consistent dark line, and the Super Hi-Polymer composition prevents breakage and fragility.

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencil Refills

Best for Students

Any student can tell you that running out of pencil lead in the middle of class is at best a distraction, and at worst, a real detriment to learning. The Paper Mate company designed these 0.7 mm lead refills longer to avoid that exact situation.

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