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The best manual pencil sharpeners for when your writing utensil’s lead breaks

Sharpening your pencils allows you to keep using them. It also allows you to keep the point of the pencil at your desired width. Sharpening often also helps you not damage the graphite itself and keeps your pencil from bad breakage. This means you want a durable and sharp blade, either as a wall mount or in your bag.

Another thing to consider is having a sharpener that can handle multiple types and sizes of pencils. You might be using a classic, yellow No. 2 pencil, or a more delicate and expensive colored one. So, you want to make sure your sharpener can handle whichever pencil you use.

X-ACTO Wall Mount Pencil Sharpener

Best Overall

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If you often need to sharpen many different sizes and kinds of pencils, and versatility is a top priority, you need to get the X-ACTO Wall Mount Pencil Sharpener. It’s designed for heavy classroom use and is adjustable to eight different sizes. It can also easily mount on a wall or on your desk. It is also adjustable to fit many different sizes of pencils and has a sturdy metal design to withstand aggressive use.

STAEDTLER Pencil Sharpener

Best for Students

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The Staedtler Pencil Sharpener is a classic choice that’s small enough to fit a pencil case. That’s what makes it easy to carry around from class to class. Its colorful case with a secure screw-top opening helps avoid spills and messes, too.

Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sharpener

Best for Artists

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Prismacolor’s Premier Pencil Sharpener has two blades, so you can choose if you want a thinner or wider point. That’s great for artists who need that kind of control. The clear lid also makes it easy to see when you need to empty it.

Having a good sharpener nearby is a must if you’re a fan of pencils. And whether you’re a student or an artist, you want to make sure to keep your pencils ready. That’s why having a durable, high-quality manual sharpener is the way to go. One last advice: Consider installing a wall-mounted one in areas that will probably need a lot of pencil sharpening like a classroom or a designated art studio. That way, you never have to worry about forgetting your sharpener at home.

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The best colored pencil cases for keeping your pencils in one place
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Whether you need your colored pencils with you for work or for play, a good carrying case will make your life so much easier. And with the ability to use it for multiple purposes, like carrying a planner or other writing tools, a good case is simply a good thing to have. If you, like many creatives and graphic designers, tend to mix and match different colors from different brands, keeping your pencils in their original cases will make everything just a little more complicated. And if you’re working on something during several different sessions, getting back to the mixtures you came up with last time can be annoying.

Or perhaps you’re about to travel for work or vacation and need your pencils with you. There’s almost no chance you will find a comfortable way to carry all your different colors in their original, bulky cardboard cases. They never seem to fit nicely in a purse or small bag so having its own case is ideal. We have some picks for the best colored pencils case. Take a look below.
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If you’re more experienced, even just in coloring books, you should consider a more professional set of colored pencils. You then want to look for artist-grade pencils, as they will have richer tones and move more easily on paper. or just the next page in that awesome coloring book you bought. Either way, have fun. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, we have some top picks to help you.
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Green is an overall great color, and having a dependable green highlighter in hand will benefit you greatly. Green can also be a lucky color, and many have said that green usually helps with memory. When you read something in a green text, you are more likely to remember it because it maxes out the contrast between writing, and it can be remembered almost like an image rather than just a string of words put together haphazardly. Even though this has not been scientifically proven, some still use it because it is their good-luck charm. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra luck, so why not get yourself a green highlighter or two?

When looking at color theory and notetaking strategies, green highlights are usually reserved for terms or phrases that need to be remembered verbatim. Some also use the color green to denote that there is a concept that they are familiar with but need to review again before they are confident in explaining it. Green is a versatile color and because it is a cool color, it rests easier on your eyes. Highlighter greens still demand your attention, but because they are not as harsh, they can be more suited for terms and phrases that can be skimmed over during reviews. And if you're looking for other colors, we've also rounded up the best yellow and pink highlighters.
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