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The best black ballpoint pens for keeping your business supply in stock

Pens are probably the easiest items to lose, whether disappearing to a mysterious place in the office or while you’re out and about building your business. This is why buying them is important to keep your favorite pens in stock at all times. They are the most essential and perennial tool that keeps businesses going and ideas flowing.

Many like their pen ink to dry quickly, some prefer a fine tip, and others choose a bold mark. No matter your style or penmanship, having a pen that inspires you to write makes you productive, efficient, and creative. Let’s take a look at our favorite black ballpoint pens for you to write, work, or plan.

BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen

Best Overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen is a classic work and study tool across the board. This box includes 60 medium point pen features a flexible round barrel to deliver the greatest writing comfort and reliability. Your writing is always smooth and consistent with this No. 1-selling pen that also shows you the ink level through its translucent barrel.

PILOT G2 Retractable Rolling Ball Pen

Best Gel Pen

Image used with permission by copyright holder

For bold writers who want to make a statement, the PILOT G2 Retractable Rolling Ball Pen is the best tool to get your thoughts across and keep business flowing as smoothly as the gel ink in these pens. With this pack of 12, you will leave an indelible mark while enjoying the comfort and superior quality of these refillable pens.

BIC Velocity Bold Retractable Ball Pen

Best Comfortable Grip

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If you need to write quickly, smoothly, and comfortably, the BIC Velocity Bold Retractable Ball Pen is the writing companion for you. This pack of 12 black pens is retractable, so you don’t have to worry about putting a cap back on or dryness of the tip. The proprietary technology in these modern pens features a 1.6 mm ball point that creates bold and vivid lines.

Writing is always more enjoyable when you are using your favorite type of pen. Whether it’s everyday office work, note taking at school, or journaling in the mornings, a good pen that is reliable can make all the difference in your activities. With the items on our list, you can find the best and smoothest pens that will motivate you to write and be productive.

The best carpet cleaner powder to keep carpets fresh and clean
the best carpet cleaner powder

Some may think that scrubbing out a stain or shampooing the carpet is the only choice in deodorizing and cleaning the carpet. But having a deep clean of your carpet results in an inconvenient cleaning process that will render rooms inaccessible to your home. Having a handy carpet-cleaner powder will give you the ability to spot-check certain areas without having to clean the whole carpet.

Carpet-cleaner powder can also have other uses. Some are specific to cleaning and deodorizing carpet through chemicals that will eliminate smells at the base of carpets. It can also loosen up stains that stay on a carpet so that a vacuum can pick up the rest of the particles that used to be stuck in the flooring. Take a look at the brands you can get to make the most out of carpet-cleaner powder.
Glade Carpet and Room Refresher
Best Overall

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The best plastic rivets to secure your car or electronics
the best plastic rivets for push and snap in

Plastic rivets come in all these different shapes and sizes because of the applications that these rivets have. You can either fasten these by hand or get a dedicated machine to help you secure those hard-to-handle materials. Having plastic rivets on hand make for great fasteners in a pinch for your car or electronics.

There are a few different types of rivets that will fasten differently depending on its shape. Some of the most popular rivets are push rivets, rachet rivets, and snap rivets. Push rivets are installed by simply pushing the rivet in without needing to access the back of whatever you are pushing into. The ratchet rivets are two-part rivets that secure itself by pushing the two components together. Snap rivets have two components, as well -- a male and female component that snaps together to make a strong attachment.
GOOACC Bumper Retainer Clips
Best Overall

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The best black garbage bags that can handle the biggest cleanups
the best 13 gallon garbage bags black bag

Trash bags do not only have to be used for trash. Many people also use them when moving into a new home. Because they are so strong and durable, they are great for storing large amounts of clothes or lighter objects that may take up a lot of space. It is easier to stuff items to the brim of a bag than a box, because a bag can stretch to the needed size of bulkier and oddly-shaped objects while also keeping them safe during transport.

The big difference between black garbage bags and other garbage bags is durability. Unlike clear garbage bags and most conventional home trash bags, these are resistant to tearing and can support a large volume of sharper objects inside. This makes them a popular choice for use outside or in large office spaces. Getting yourself one of these bags will save you a lot of time and effort.
Toughbag Trash Bags
Best Overall

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