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The best carpet cleaner powder to keep carpets fresh and clean

Some may think that scrubbing out a stain or shampooing the carpet is the only choice in deodorizing and cleaning the carpet. But having a deep clean of your carpet results in an inconvenient cleaning process that will render rooms inaccessible to your home. Having a handy carpet-cleaner powder will give you the ability to spot-check certain areas without having to clean the whole carpet.

Carpet-cleaner powder can also have other uses. Some are specific to cleaning and deodorizing carpet through chemicals that will eliminate smells at the base of carpets. It can also loosen up stains that stay on a carpet so that a vacuum can pick up the rest of the particles that used to be stuck in the flooring. Take a look at the brands you can get to make the most out of carpet-cleaner powder.

Glade Carpet and Room Refresher

Best Overall

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Need to get rid of a strong smell that has been sticking around on your carpet? You have found the solution with the Glade Carpet and Room Refresher. Instead of just masking smells that may be in your carpet, it eliminates odors that are deeply rooted within the fibers. The formula gets through even the toughest and most stubborn smells in upholstery, car seats, and drapes. Just sprinkle the carpet freshener on the suspected spot and wait for a few minutes before vacuuming it up.

Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Carpet Odor Eliminator

Best for Pet Odors

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As much as you love your pet, they don’t always smell fresh around the house. This smell can get on your couches and carpet quickly. Use something that is specific to tackling the odor of your pets like the Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Carpet Odor Eliminator. Without using extraneous scents, it eliminates pet odor and has the bonus of releasing pet hair and dirt from surfaces. This helps vacuums suck up the pet dander more easily and leaves behind the freshness of an odor-free home.

MILLIARD Borax Powder

Best Multipurpose

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When you just need a reliable carpet cleaner, getting yourself a bag of MILLIARD Borax Powder will take care of the job for you. There are no additives of preservatives in this powder — pure powdered sodium borate is a great tool for other household chores like getting rid of rust or deodorizing your fridge. Sprinkling this on your carpet will help release dirt and odors, and it can also be used as a laundry booster.

The carpet-cleaner powder will be a staple in your household-cleaner pantry. Most are safe enough that they do not use harsh chemicals that will screw up your carpet and will be easy and safe to handle. Put it on your carpet and watch the dirt and odors disappear with just a few uses. Work smarter, not harder, so get yourself a box or bag of this cleaner now.

The best bottle cleaning brushes for cleaning slim-necked bottles and objects
the best bottle cleaning brush cleaner

Many bottles have a thinner design with a slim neck. These are a style of water bottles that may be convenient to carry around and drink from, but it is a nightmare to clean without the right brush to use. If you are trying to blindly clean by shoving a sponge in there, you will get nowhere. Get something with a long barrel and a sturdy handle, and you will be able to clean those up without any problem.

It can be dangerous to leave parts of bottles unclean. Your water bottle comes into contact with your mouth, and all of the bacteria that lives in your mouth will transfer over to it. That is why you are not supposed to reuse plastic bottles because they can be a hotbed for bacteria to grow. You do not want to simulate that in your own reusable bottle, so get yourself the right bottle-cleaning brush.
Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Brush
Best silicone brush

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The best paint brush cleaner to keep those bristles primed for the next project
the best paint brush cleaner for acrylic oil and latex paintbrush

Taking care of your brushes means that you want the right quality products to go into maintaining them. After washing them down so the paints do not dry up, you should lather them up and clean up the brush quickly and thoroughly. This means also making sure to get to the base of the brush bristles and get out all the buildup that tends to get ignored there. Once dry, you can get right back to painting without worrying about cross contamination.

Different paint brush cleaners use different types of formulas to make sure that the pigment and medium comes off easily. A latex paint brush cleaner will need to break up the strong polymers of a latex medium, while an oil medium may simply need a painting brush cleaner that will break up the oils effectively to be rinsed down the drain. Find the right kind of mix, so you can take care of your brushes and rinse out the mediums easily.
Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner & Restorer
Best bottled cleaner

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The best letter openers to open mail without damaging its contents
the best letter openers for opening mail opener

A letter opener may be an old-fashioned tool, but there’s a reason most desktop sets have one. They’re highly useful, allowing you to open sensitive or special mail without worrying about tears and gaps. A good letter opener is satisfying and gives your desk a sense of gravitas. We’ve put together a list of our favorite letter openers, so you know exactly where to start.

You can tear into mail you don’t care about with your hands, but what about a special letter? Letter openers preserve the exterior of your favorite letters, allowing you to save the envelopes. If you’re eager to keep a stamp, you won’t worry about accidentally tearing it apart.

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