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The best letter openers to open mail without damaging its contents

A letter opener may be an old-fashioned tool, but there’s a reason most desktop sets have one. They’re highly useful, allowing you to open sensitive or special mail without worrying about tears and gaps. A good letter opener is satisfying and gives your desk a sense of gravitas. We’ve put together a list of our favorite letter openers, so you know exactly where to start.

You can tear into mail you don’t care about with your hands, but what about a special letter? Letter openers preserve the exterior of your favorite letters, allowing you to save the envelopes. If you’re eager to keep a stamp, you won’t worry about accidentally tearing it apart.

A letter opener may seem old-fashioned, but once you start using one of our top choices, you’ll never go back.

Vincera Letter Opener

Best Basic Design

The Vincera Letter Opener is an efficient and simple tool designed for secure storage. It’s there when you need it and tucks neatly away when you don’t. The sharp tip quickly slides underneath envelope lips, while the acute interior blade slices cleanly. It won’t cut your fingers, and the durable plastic is made to last.

Ram-Pro Letter Opener

Most Durable

Ram-Pro’s modern and compact design is a sturdy plastic opener with a hidden blade to protect your fingers. The stainless-steel blades stay sharp for a long time, while the rounded tips slide easily underneath letter lips without any fuss. The three colors help you keep track of your openers, and each one tucks away neatly for storage.

Uncommon Desks Letter Openers

Best Color Choice

Uncommon Desks set includes three compact openers in trendy colors. It includes a safety razor blade tucked away to prevent injury and a durable plastic housing that slides neatly underneath envelope flaps. Stainless steel resists rust and corrosion, while the bright colors make them eye-catching and easy to find.

The understated beauty of a letter opener lies in all its possibilities. Whether you’re making opening simple bills more enjoyable or saving letters special to you, a letter opener allows you to gently and precisely break those seals. The letter openers on our list are durable and eye-catching. Upgrade your letter game with the right one and discover what generations have always known — the satisfaction of a neatly opened envelope.

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