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The best kitchen brooms to keep floors kempt and clean

There are some things to consider before getting a broom for your kitchen. You want it to be light and comfortable. On the other hand, you need the bristles to be strong and durable. Lastly, you want it to be compact enough to store nearby without taking up too much space or ruining the look of the kitchen. Now, let’s look at the best kitchen brooms.

A good vacuum cleaner is useful, but for your kitchen floor, you’re really looking for something that has more pull. You want something that can easily lift or scrape an oily, diced onion, and then just as easily throw everything away. A good broom does exactly that with no cords, batteries, or dust bags. Simple and efficient.

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Casabella Basics Broom with Dustpan

Best value

The Casabella Basics set is 12 inches wide and has an industrial-strength steel pole. It extends up to 48 inches, which is very useful. The dustpan and steel tube snap together for easy storage. At this price, it’s hard to find another broom of this quality.

OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom

Best design

OXO is known for its well-designed home products, and this broom is no different. It’s cute and easy to store. It almost makes sweeping the kitchen floor fun. It’s fairly long at 53 inches, and its dustpan can lock in the open position to make things even easier.

Primica Broom and Dustpan Set

Best overall

The Primica is light and ergonomically-designed with a non-slip grip handle. That’s really useful in the kitchen, where your hands might be wet or covered with flour or oil. It’s also great for the outdoors, so you don’t need to get another broom for outdoor use.

Sure, sweeping might not be your idea of happiness in the kitchen, but with these brooms, cleaning can almost be fun. Most of these choices are easy and safe enough for kids as well, so you can get your little ones to help around the kitchen while you make dinner. The right broom can really help you keep your kitchen clean and everything in its place.

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