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The best impact screwdrivers when you need power for your projects

Ultimately, an impact screwdriver converts a hammer strike into a powerful, high-torque force that can loosen and free up even the most stubborn of fasteners. Its reversible drive can loosen left-hand thread fasteners, and its versatility means they can drive hex shank screwdriver bits, hex shank bits, or sockets. To unleash their high-torque and versatile force, grab one of these high-impact screwdrivers.

An impact screwdriver can free corroded brake caliper screws and other fasteners that have rusted or corroded due to being exposed to the elements. Typically compact and lightweight, the screwdrivers don’t need a compressed air or power source. When the need arises for a top-performing impact screwdriver, consider one of these exceptional tools.

TEKTON Impact Driver

Best overall

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A strong and durable impact screwdriver can stand up to constant usage. The TEKTON Impact Driver is well-forged for everyday use. Plus, it offers forward and reverse drive direction, drives with screwdriver bits and drive impact sockets, and a made-for-comfort handle with a nonslip knurled grip. The impact screwdriver is designed to free corroded brake caliper screws and other vehicle or outdoor fasteners that have been exposed to the elements.

Lisle Impact Tool

Best value

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Seeking value in your next impact screwdriver? Then consider the Lisle Impact Tool, an affordable option that delivers more than 200 foot-pounds of shock torque and can be reversed to tighten and used with impact sockets. Sold as a set in an attractive case, it comes with a 3/8-inch drive and a 3/8-inch drive bit holder.

ARES Impact Driver

Best budget

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Free up your frozen fasteners and free up more dollars in your budget with the ARES Impact Driver. The affordably priced reversible impact driver comes as a set including one 3/8-inch impact driver, one 3/8-inch drive bit chuck, two flat bits, two Phillips bits, and a storage case. It features a corrosion-resistant, chrome-plated finish and a nonslip knurled grip, and bits with precision-milled tips for a more exact fit.

Gain a better impact on removing frozen fasteners by getting a solid impact screwdriver. These high-performance and low-priced options can free up many types of nuts, bolts, and screws.

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