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The best JIS screwdrivers for more precise workmanship

JIS, or Japanese Industry Standard, screwdrivers are Pacific Rim standards similar to Phillips. While you can make do with Phillips screwdrivers, a JIS screwdriver will give you more precise workmanship and allow you to expand your project possibilities. Our JIS screwdriver recommendations will help you know which best suits your needs.

JIS screwdrivers are common in the Pacific Rim, and at some point, you’ll probably encounter one. You can make do with a Phillips head, but having a JIS screwdriver on hand gives you better leverage. Let’s take a look at our favorite pics for the best JIS screwdriver to get you started on your next project.

Vessel Impacta Screwdriver

Best antislip handle

The Vessel Impacta Screwdriver offers a tang-thru design that prevents handle damage when you need to strike it with a hammer or mallet. The nonslip handle is durable and ensures that you always have a reliable and sturdy grip. The bit is corrosion and rust-resistant, while a durable build ensures that the screwdriver can stand up to just about anything.

Hozan JIS-4 Screwdriver Set

Best set

Hozan’s four-piece JIS screwdriver set provides you with enough versatility to handle any repair job or project. It features a well-designed handle with an ergonomic feel, and the precision tips help you get control of small screws without stripping. They’re lightweight and easy to hold, while the different-sized tips give you a range of use.

Vessel Megadora JIS Screwdriver

Best value

The Vessel Megadora is a well-made, sturdy option for investing in a JIS screwdriver. The bright handle is easy to spot and features a nonslip grip for more power and control. It includes a magnet and serrated jaws to grab onto screws without stripping or losing contact. The handle is marked with the size, so you have what you need.

JIS screwdrivers may not be well-known, but investing in a few helps you expand your project capabilities. The options on our list are excellent places to start increasing your collection, and they provide you with the tips you need in your ever-growing tool kit. Get exactly the right tip and stop making do with things that aren’t quite right.

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