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The best 0.5 mm pencil lead refills that are strong and flexible

Put your standardized test-taking and artist-drawing needs to bed by having plenty of pencil lead 0.5mm refills on hand. These high-performing refills will come through for you time and again. Pencil lead 0.5mm refills can help you continue to produce smooth and crisp lines with a dark imprint that makes reading easier. The best ones are strong and flexible, featuring hi-polymer graphite and carbon lead. They won’t damage paper, either. This 0.5mm pencil lead refills rate among the best and can help you with just about any writing or drawings needs.

0.5mm refills are more precise for drawing than 0.7mm lead refills, but they are larger than 0.3mm refills, the smallest pencil lead size available. The 0.5mm lead is also ideal for accounting and general writing, and its hardness lead is equivalent to a No. 2 wood pencil. When you need dependable pencil lead 0.5mm refills, consider these highly reliable ones.

Paper Mate Pencil Refills 0.5mm

Best Overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

When you’re drafting, make sure you have a good 0.5mm pencil lead refill. Paper Mate Pencil Refills 0.5mm fit the bill, offering No. 2 pencil leads that are ideal for standardized tests and help create neat notes. The replacement leads fit all refillable Paper Mate mechanical pencils. The refills are designed to provide the longest leads available so you don’t run out quickly, as well as optimal lead size and hardness.

Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead Refill 2B

Best for Outlining

Image used with permission by copyright holder

If outlining is important to you, get the Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead Refill 2B. Great for outlining, it doesn’t need sharpening and can produce a clear and dark line. Pentel’s super hi-polymer lead is equivalent to a No. 2 pencil and is guaranteed to scan on tests and resist breaking. Each 36-count tube of the lead is produced entirely from recycled plastic.

Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead Refill HB

Best for Sketching

Image used with permission by copyright holder

There’s a 0.5mm pencil lead refill that has sketchers in mind ­– it’s the Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead Refill HB, which is ideal for sketching as well as general writing applications, such as notes or letters. Pentel’s super hi-polymer HB lead is equivalent to a No. 2 pencil and is designed to scan on tests, resist breaking, and never need sharpening. The refills can fit all 0.5mm mechanical pencils.

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The best colored pencil cases for keeping your pencils in one place
the best manual pencil sharpeners colored case

Whether you need your colored pencils with you for work or for play, a good carrying case will make your life so much easier. And with the ability to use it for multiple purposes, like carrying a planner or other writing tools, a good case is simply a good thing to have. If you, like many creatives and graphic designers, tend to mix and match different colors from different brands, keeping your pencils in their original cases will make everything just a little more complicated. And if you’re working on something during several different sessions, getting back to the mixtures you came up with last time can be annoying.

Or perhaps you’re about to travel for work or vacation and need your pencils with you. There’s almost no chance you will find a comfortable way to carry all your different colors in their original, bulky cardboard cases. They never seem to fit nicely in a purse or small bag so having its own case is ideal. We have some picks for the best colored pencils case. Take a look below.
BTSKY Deluxe PU Leather Pencil Case
Best Overall

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The best colored pencils for graphic artists
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Having a colored pencil set is an easy way to get your creative juices flowing. Perhaps you’re a novice designer who’s just starting to work with colored pencils or maybe you consider drawing a hobby but want to get some good ones for fun. In these cases, your main concern might be comfort and larger sets, as opposed to the highest possible quality of pigments and very specific colors. Whether you’re just beginning or an experienced artist who needs a new set, the right choice can be a catalyst for some great art.

If you’re more experienced, even just in coloring books, you should consider a more professional set of colored pencils. You then want to look for artist-grade pencils, as they will have richer tones and move more easily on paper. or just the next page in that awesome coloring book you bought. Either way, have fun. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, we have some top picks to help you.
Artlicious Colored Pencils
Best for Beginners

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The best manual pencil sharpeners for when your writing utensil’s lead breaks
the best manual pencil sharpeners sharpener

Sharpening your pencils allows you to keep using them. It also allows you to keep the point of the pencil at your desired width. Sharpening often also helps you not damage the graphite itself and keeps your pencil from bad breakage. This means you want a durable and sharp blade, either as a wall mount or in your bag.

Another thing to consider is having a sharpener that can handle multiple types and sizes of pencils. You might be using a classic, yellow No. 2 pencil, or a more delicate and expensive colored one. So, you want to make sure your sharpener can handle whichever pencil you use.
X-ACTO Wall Mount Pencil Sharpener
Best Overall

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