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The best brooms with strong bristles for heavy-duty sweeping

There are certain things about brooms that many people don’t consider when they need one for a particular job. For example, bristle strength is key to ensure a broom can hold up to the rigours of sweeping out a garage, which might have small stones or pieces of metal on its floor. These leading brooms offer many of the features and materials to do just about any sweeping job right.

Brooms come in all types of shapes, colors, lengths and sizes. There are standard brooms, corn brooms, straw brooms, push brooms, angle brooms, rubber brooms and countless more. Depending on usage, make sure to get a broom that’s well suited to a particular call of duty. These top-notch brooms warrant your consideration when you’re searching for just the right one.

TreeLen Dust Pan and Broom

Best Overall

If you need to sweep a lot, then go for a solid overall broom. One that comes with its own dustpan rates in that category. The TreeLen Dust Pan and Broom comes with a 52-inch-long-handle broom and a 42-inch-long-handle dustpan featuring a large capacity. The broom’s long handle accommodates sweeping while standing upright to improve comfort and avoid any bending.

O-Cedar Heavy Duty Corn Broom

Best Corn Broom

Sometimes, a good old-fashioned corn broom is all that’s needed to sweep a floor. In those cases, the O-Cedar Heavy Duty Corn Broom is a top choice. The high-quality, all-natural corn broom is handcrafted for long-lasting durability and is reinforced with five rows of polytwine stitching. It features a solid wood handle.

Libman Whisk Broom

Best Whisk Broom

Whisk brooms have been around for a long time because they’re very effective. The Libman Whisk Broom is a high performer in that category, and it even can snap into a dustpan for easier and more convenient storage. The whisk broom offers fine fibers designed to better pick up hair, dust and dirt. The sturdy and flagged duster fibers are made from recycled materials.

You reach for a broom every time a room needs sweeping, so why not extend your reach to some of the best brooms around? These top-notch brooms are great performers and can be great additions to your home.

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