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The best compostable trash bags for green, zero-waste disposal

When you want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, you can start by switching to a compostable trash bag. These plant-based bags decompose into fertilizer or soil and can be used in your very own compost pile. Start your green lifestyle today by looking through our list of the best compostable trash bags and determining the best fit for your home.

When shopping for a trash bag, consider what size you’re looking for. For starters, kitchen trash bags are generally longer, so they can fit tall kitchen bins. Other bags are made smaller to line petite kitchen compost bins.

Another feature to consider are handles to make the bags easier to move from your indoor can to your curbside trash bin. You might also consider how strong a bag is, especially if your household generates a lot of food scraps or trash. Take a look at our favorite picks for some ideas.

Hippo Sak Tall Kitchen Bags

Best With Handle

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Hippo Sak’s tall kitchen bags are the best bags with handles. These are made from sugar cane, but make no mistake: They’re strong and are puncture- and leakproof. Although these don’t come with drawstrings, a snug opening keeps it from falling into your trash bin.

UNNI Compostable Trash Bags

Best Overall

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The UNNI set comes with 50 compostable bags. Each one can carry up to 13 gallons of trash, making this the best overall choice. If you produce your own compost, you’ll be glad to know that this bag is certified under both European and U.S. home-compost standards.

BioBag Compostable Bag

Best for Kitchens

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With the BioBag Compostable Bag, you can keep your compost bin in your kitchen for easy disposal. One pack comes with 100 bags that carry up to 3 gallons each. These bags are small, but they feature a gathered bottom to make them extra-strong even when completely full.

Compostable bags are the green solution to plastic trash bags. They break down easily under the right circumstances and can be composted with your household or municipal compost. Despite their plant-based material, these bags can withstand heavy food scraps in the kitchen. Try one of the compostable bags on our list to help you discover a zero-waste lifestyle.

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