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The best dustpans and brushes for sweeping up smaller spills and litter

The best dustpan and brush combos are engineered to ensure every bit of dust, dirt, and debris gets swept up efficiently, leaving no unwanted droppings behind. They also tend to feature soft and non-slip handles so they are comfortable to use. Since those are important considerations, consider these top-notch dustpans and brushes when it’s time to upgrade your cleaning supplies.

A number of dustpan and brush combos snap together for easy storage and to ensure you can find both in a jiffy. Many dustpans have soft and flexible lips that cover their entire width and conform to a host of hard surfaces. These alluring dustpans and brushes sport attractive and useful features to make small sweep-ups a snap.

Casabella Angle Dustpan & Brush

Best Overall

Seeking a comfortable-to-use dustpan and brush set? Then take a gander at the Casabella Angle Dustpan & Brush, which offers high grip comfort with a soft handle. The dustpan features a built-in bristle comb to clean dust and debris from the brush, while the brush features a pointed shape with rubber bumpers to make sweeping easier in corners without scuffing the wall.

Kelamayi Extendable Broom and Dustpan

Most Versatile

A dustpan and brush combo that can do many things and sports many color options sounds like a winner. The Kelamayi Extendable Broom and Dustpan is highly versatile, in part because new color-matching makes it suitable for any personal preferences. In addition, an optional extension pole can lengthen the broom from 35 to 49 inches to better suit a person’s height and accommodate sweeping while standing.

Full Circle Clean Team Brush & DustPan

Easiest to Store

If you have a small utility closet or limited shelf space, you need a dustpan and brush that stores conveniently. Consider the Full Circle Clean Team Brush & DustPan, which offers a brush that locks into the dustpan and can hang or stand on its edge for easier storage. The dustpan’s soft edge can help capture more dust, and its built-in scraper and comb can ease brush cleaning.

Get a handy dustpan and brush set that not only picks up all dust and debris efficiently but stores quite handily. These top-of-the-line dustpans and brushes promise to do both quite well.

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