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The best magnetic screwdrivers to keep you from scrambling for the right tool

If you’ve ever scrambled to find a lost screw or tried to unscrew something with your fingers alone just so you wouldn’t lose the screw, you know there’s a better way. A magnetized screwdriver gives you something safer, more convenient, and far less frustrating than a standard screwdriver. Stop scrambling and take a look at a few of our favorite choices for magnetized screwdrivers to help make those repairs easier.

Trying to catch screws as they come out of their place is hit-and-miss. Unscrewing them through the final threads with your fingers alone adds unnecessary time and effort to what you’re doing. A magnetized screwdriver helps you keep up with all the little pieces without losing time looking for screws. Let’s take a look at our list of best magnetized screwdrivers and find the right one for you.

CREMAX Magnetic Screwdriver

Best Overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The CREMAX screwdriver set is a 10-piece kit designed for basic household use. You’ll get the standard screwdriver tips you need in a chromium-vanadium steel coating that resists both rust and corrosion. Magnetized tips hold screws in place as you work, while comfort grip handles give you plenty of power and control. Each one includes a printed size for easy identification along with bright handles.

Syntus Magnetic Screwdriver Kit

Best Variety Set

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Syntus’ kit includes everything you need for electronics repair with a convenient 57-piece tool kit in a carry case. It includes uncommon bit types for security screws, and each bit uses steel for rust and corrosion resistance. A sturdy handle gives you finger control, while molded slots keep everything organized and right where you need it. The ball-bearing swivel top makes bit changes fast and simple.

M-jump Magnetic Screwdriver

Best Compact

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M-jump includes six common electronics screw types in its mini set. Each one has magnetic tips, a comfort grip handle, and flat bottoms. Its coated steel is durable and resists rusting, while the connections are sturdy and allow better finger control. Plus, the ergonomic design makes it easier to hold while working. Clear labels ensure that you always have the screwdriver you need.

Magnetic screwdrivers are going to revolutionize how you work. They’ll make it easier to keep up with essential pieces and ensure that you don’t have to slow down to look for missing screws. The screwdrivers on our list are all durable choices, so you’ll be back to focusing on what’s most important in your repair jobs — efficiency.

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