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5 Essentials for working in a pet-friendly office

Taking your dog to work is becoming a perk that more and more offices are adopting. It’s no surprise. Dogs help reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve employee morale. All pet parents know that there are some things you just can’t live without when you have a dog and bringing your dog to work every day adds some new items to that list. Here are some products that will make your commute and daily grind with your pup a little less ruff.

But, just in case…

Remember, every dog is different and not all dogs will enjoy going to the office every day. But, if yours is one that does, make sure that his life and yours are set up for success by having all the right gear. It will invigorate your breaks when you take a walk with your dog or play a quick game of tug or fetch. By making your office a little more like home and streamlining your routine, your dog will fit right in and help your workday fly by.

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