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Essentials for refreshing and resetting your office

It’s the start of an exciting new year, and the perfect time to consider adding a few fun and practical items to refresh and re-tool your office space. It can be easy to forget to mix things up and embrace change when it comes to our office environments. However, it’s important to consider what a big difference little changes can make in daily working life and what an energizing effect they can have. These products we’ve assembled will help create an environment that reflects your commitment to health and wellness. Your employees (and you yourself) will benefit from a day of decluttering, re-organizing and a few of these useful business tools and furnishings.

When your employees have a morale-boosting environment filled with considerate tools to help them feel better, they work better too. They will appreciate the effort you make to ensure that their air is clean, safe and pleasant to breathe. Every measure you take to make sure the office runs smoothly also says you value their time and well-being. Keep your office neat and tidy with a simple shelf to keep your AV equipment organized and at eye-level.  Bring in lots of gorgeous natural plants in attractive planters, and a few versatile posture-improving exercise cushions, and equally fun and original sports balls and watch morale and productivity shoot skyward.

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your employees will never lose their phone with these 5 products
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Cell phones have become a necessity along with our wallets that we carry in our pockets or purses every single day. However, it can become a nuisance if you're constantly misplacing your cell phone along with your credit card or ID while at work. Luckily, there are top-rated cell phone holders that have been designed efficiently to combat these problems. Check out our recommendations for cell phone holders that provide multiuse which can help your employees keep track of their cell phone and important ID cards while at work.

To prevent your valuable items from going missing it's beneficial to have a product where you can keep track of your possessions while your employees are focused on other important work tasks. You’ll be glad you made the purchase of one of these top-rated cell phone accessories.

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You’ll love these products if you work on your feet
Warehouse worker

You hear how sitting all day is terrible for your health and posture, but what if your job keeps you on your feet for hours on end? Everyone from bartenders and warehouse workers to teachers and pharmacists spend much of their time on the clock standing up.

Anyone with a career that keeps them on their feet knows it can take a toll. Wearing supportive shoes, standing on thick mats, and elevating your legs at the end of the day can all help. But for a little extra help taking the edge off, consider one or more of the following items.

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Improving nutrition for mental sharpness
coffee food truck guide cup table drink beverage

Our mental sharpness each day is impacted by many things. Our mood, the way we sleep, and the nutrition in what we eat, are the top three things that can make us mentally sharp, or sluggish and dull. Nutrition is something we have more control over than sleep or mood, however, improving our nutrition is not that easy when we are busy. This is especially true in the morning when we are often in a rush to get to work. Making sure we start with all the nutrients we need provided in our breakfast may seem like it would be too hard to do. Luckily, with a few changes we can make our first meal packed with vitamins and minerals.

One of the fastest morning meals we can make is a smoothie. The ingredients are very simple. Frozen fruit makes an excellent base since it will make the drink cold and provide sweet flavor. We can also use fresh fruit as well. The liquid base can be water or milk. For nutrition, the following supplements make a great addition.

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