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5 Essential items for office parties

Productivity is crucial at the office, but so is building chemistry. An office party can be a way to bond without looking at spreadsheets or talking shop.

Happy hours are a popular way to spend time with colleagues outside of the office, but having a few items in-house can allow you to raise a glass as soon as the clock strikes 5. Parties don’t have to involve alcohol, either. There are plenty of options for booze-free parties whether you’re a dry office (no shame), are supporting a colleague in sobriety, or simply want to have fun in a different way. Dessert soirees and cheese and charcuterie nights make for delicious options.

Office parties serve as a way to get to know one another outside of the 9-to-5(ish) grind. People can let loose and let their guards down a bit, and it can build chemistry within the business. Happy hours are a tried-and-true option, and for a good reason — they’re fun. Cocktail shakers and whiskey stones set the stage for a buzz-worthy affair. However, alcohol-free options are also on the table. Serve up a delicious cheese and charcuterie board with multiple options to expand your staff’s palettes, or play to their sweet tooths with a cake even when it’s no one’s birthday. Make it fun and creative, and your employees will be toasting to you.

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