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Essential Products for Pet-Friendly Offices That Want to Stay Tidy

There’s been plenty of talk about remote work being the way of the future. However, those who do return to a brick-and-mortar office may have some extra-special co-workers: Pets. A 2021 survey found 72% of C-Suite executives believed offices would be more pet-friendly post-pandemic.

It could give businesses looking to hire and retain top talent a competitive advantage. A 2018 study found that employees felt more bonded to companies with pet-friendly policies.

There’s plenty to love about allowing dogs in workplaces: Mid-day snuggles are the perfect way to recover after a pointed business call, and it helps employees avoid having to shell out for pet care during the day.

That said, it can get a little messy. Hair, accidents, and odors can make the place look less-than-tidy and bother other staffers. Keep your pet-friendly office space clean by having these five items available to employees and their pups.

More offices will likely become pet friendly, and for good reasons. Research shows employees are generally happier and feel more loyal to their employer if they have pet-friendly policies. Allowing employees to bring their well-trained, well-behaved dogs to work can help you retain top talent. However, you probably don’t want to retain a whole bunch of stray hairs, odors, and stains. Create a pet maintenance workstation with items for grooming, like brushes and de-shedders. Ear cleaner can prevent smells. Sometimes, pups may have an accident – a new space may be confusing to them. A urine stain and odor remover can clean it up pronto. Encourage employees to bring pups if they are housebroken and calm to prevent them from disrupting the workday.

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