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The best 13-gallon garbage bags for quick and easy cleanups

You may forget how important a trash bag truly is until you absolutely need it and it falters. Do not get caught in that stinky and sticky situation. Get a trash bag that is reliable, keeps odors at bay, and is strong enough to hold your trash so you can have easy cleanup before trash day comes by. Trash bags come in multiple designs. There are some that have handles that make for a hand-tie closure, which is convenient for pulling out the bag and closing it. Other trash bags have drawstring closures that can snap and tighten around a trash can lid, and they can then be cinched when throwing out the trash. The right trash bag will depend on the shape and size of your trash can.

Trash cans can technically go without trash bags, but that comes at a great cost. If you have an unlined trash can, any spills that occur will coat the sides of the garbage can, and you will have to clean out the interior regularly to make sure that residue does not build up. You may also find that odors stick easily to the trash can, and they may not come out at all. Lining your trash can will only be a benefit for you. If you have a 13-gallon trash can try using these quality trash bags.

Glad ForceFlex Trash Bags

Best Overall

The Glad ForceFlex 13-gallon trash bags are for those who have a lot to carry out and need a dependable trash bag for the job. These can handle daily kitchen and household demands, thanks to the tough plastic and diamond design that allows it to stretch and fit the contents of the bag. The three-in-one odor shield prevents odors from escaping by trapping, locking, and neutralizing the smells with Febreeze freshness.

Hippo-Sak Kitchen Bags

Best Plant-Based

Eco-conscious buyers will love the Hippo-Sak Kitchen Bags, a USDA Certified Biobased product that will become your kitchen trash can’s new best friend. Rather than using plastics from fossil fuels, they use sugar cane materials and other renewable resources during production. The sustainable trash bags are puncture- and leak-proof, with reinforced bottoms that keep your bags sturdy during extraction and transport.

Glad Tall Kitchen Handle-Tie Trash Bags

Best Handle Ties

The Glad Tall Kitchen Handle-Tie is a very convenient 13-gallon garbage bag. The tall design fits most conventional trash cans found in kitchens. Each liner has a diamond design along its surface, allowing it to stretch to fit more items while also keeping the trash safely inside. The hand ties make for quick removal and convenient closure before adding it to your outdoor trash cans.

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