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The best computer tower stands to increase airflow

The main features to look for in a desktop tower are stability and the ability to effectively increase airflow to your computer tower. Other things you may want to watch out for are stands that have extra grips or notches on the side to help stabilize the computer. Just make sure you buy one with the correct measurements for your stand. Or, get an adjustable one that will fit most computers.

Some computer stands work best on your desk because of their compact design. Other computer stands are more useful for towers that are on the floor, especially if the stand has caster wheels that can make maneuvering easier. If you are planning on using a computer stand on your floor, make sure it is raised enough to increase airflow, especially if you have carpeted flooring.

VIVO Computer Tower Desktop Case

Best Overall

If you find that you often need to move your desktop tower around, consider the Vivo Computer Tower Desktop Case. The case has four caster wheels that make it easy to move even large computer towers. Position it so you’re closer to needed wires or plugs, or move it around to dust it from all angles. The cart’s high-quality steel means it’s durable, and the locking mechanism keeps your computer tower safe. The professional-looking matte black finish is sleek without being attention-grabbing.

HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser

Best for Ventilation

Your computer needs to vent properly to work as efficiently as possible. The Huanuo Monitor Stand Riser achieves that by adding mesh holes to the bottom to increase the airflow where it stagnates the most. Directly putting your desktop on thick surfaces may make it overheat faster, so the holes will increase airflow without sacrificing the integrity of the stand. Adjust the stand to your desired height, and you’re ready to go.

Monoprice Multimedia Desktop Stand

Best with Glass

The gorgeous Monoprice Multimedia Desktop Stand combines the aesthetic of a postmodern design while also bringing in the functionality of glass. This stand can be used for your computer tower, but you can also implement it to boost up your monitors or audio equipment. The stand is made for fitting on top of a desk, so add that flair to your room without drawing too much attention to it.

Your electronics are important and usually pricey, and you want to take great care of them. Keeping your computer safe and working well is of the utmost importance, especially to ensure your computer continues to function. The sooner you find a stand that works for you, the better your computer will perform.

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