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The best slim storage carts for small spaces

The slimmer design of these storage carts makes them ideal for smaller offices. If you need to put it away, it can easily slip into a closet without taking up too much space. You can also leave all of your supplies in there so that they’re handy. A slim storage cart is a convenient time-saver to have in the office.

In addition to performing a variety of tasks, you can also use these carts for entertaining clients. You can place snacks, drinks, or cups on the top shelf while also storing extra items on the bottom shelf. Your clients or employees can easily access their drinks, and you can move the cart around to different places. This makes for an easy and elegant way to serve while also giving you less cleanup and hassle at the end of the night.

Household Essentials Slim Storage Cart

Best Basic Design

When you just want a basic storage cart, you cannot get any simpler than the simple wired design of the Household Essentials Slim Storage Cart. This three-tier storage unit can hold many different things, including standard-sized bottles and boxes. The storage cart has four rolling casters on the bottom for mobility and stability. Its narrow design makes it practical for storing between shelving.

SPACEKEEPER Slim Storage Cart

Best Value

The Spacekeeper Slim Storage Cart is a high-value product that will deliver what you need from a storage cart. The hollow, carved design helps it dry quickly in the case of spills or water exposure. There are hooks on the sides to hang items or lightweight objects. You can also use it in your breakroom and easily adjust it to have three or four shelves, depending on your preference.

Whitmor Supreme Cart

Best for larger items

The Whitmor Supreme Cart is a slim, rolling storage cart that is perfectly outfitted to be used in your office or breakroom. The cart has all-directional wheels that can be locked for stability when moving items on and off of the cart. The shelves have a raised edge to keep things on the cart while still keeping them within reach. Also, the cart is easy to clean using just a damp cloth.

These slim storage carts are a great addition to your office. Whether you want to put your items all in one spot or you want some extra storage in your breakroom that does not take up too much space, these slim storage carts will find a cozy place in your workspace. They are functional, beautiful, and an all-around great buy for any business.

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