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The best broom closets for organizing your supplies neatly

Beyond cleaning supplies, broom closets offer extra storage to keep clutter off counters, closets, and floors. Additionally, these standalone cabinets can be moved around wherever you have space. To give you an idea of what to shop for, we’ve highlighted the best broom closets on the market.

A broom closet or cabinet comes in different sizes and materials. Most are made tall and narrow, unlike regular shelves or cabinets. When shopping for a broom closet for your home, consider what you’ll be storing inside.

Cabinets with adjustable shelves let you keep both tall and short items inside. Other closets may have fixed shelves, so ask yourself whether or not you’ll need to store a long handle broom inside or if you’ll be using it mainly for storing drinks and food. Take a look at our favorite broom closets to get ideas.

ClosetMaid 1556 Cabinet

Best Overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The ClosetMaid Cabinet is the best broom closet alternative. The double doors cover four shelves where you can store cleaning supplies, office supplies, and other small items. This cabinet is small enough to tuck away if you have a small work space, but need tall storage. Note that some assembly is required.

Prepac Elite Narrow Cabinet 

Best Design

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Prepac’s white cabinet wins the best in aesthetic and functional design. Its narrow width and tall height allow you to seamlessly integrate it into your existing work space. The interior has room to store long brooms and tall items, while two smaller shelves accommodate other items.

Ameriwood Kendall Storage Cabinet

Best Variable Shelves

Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you have an excitable and lively work space, this cabinet features soft hinges to avoid loud slamming doors. The closet comes with five shelves, three of which you can adjust to accommodate different-sized tools and miscellaneous items. If your floor is uneven, don’t worry — the feet adjust to prevent leaning.

Broom closets offer ample storage space when your cabinets are full. Most are outfitted with stylish doors to keep all knickknacks and miscellaneous items hidden away. Adjustable shelves and varied shelf heights also let you store items of different sizes, not just short or flat products. With any of the broom closets in this lineup, you’ll master the art of organization in no time.

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