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The best watch screwdrivers for working with tiny screws

If you’ve ever wondered how in the world to get into your watch with such tiny screws, it’s time you invest in the right tool. Watch screwdrivers fit into those delicate spaces without damaging the screws or scratching your watch back. Stop improvising and use an efficient tool made specifically for your watch screws, like the ones on our list.

Watch screws are impossibly tiny, but the right kits allow you access. Well-fitting screwdrivers remove screws without damaging the screw head or the watch back, so you can make repairs without worry. It’s crucial to use the right tools so you don’t damage your watch, and our top picks for best watch screwdrivers give you that capability.

MulWark Precision Screwdriver Set

Best Overall

MulWark’s screwdriver set offers a simple option with a well-organized case that fits just about anywhere. These high-strength, heat-tested chrome tools won’t rust or corrode and offer a variety of screwdriver tips. Magnetic tips help keep small pieces in check, and color-coded shafts make it easy to identify which driver is which. Plus, aluminum shafts are lightweight but durable.

Nanch Small Precision Screwdriver Kit

Best Value

Nanch’s set offers 22 different precision screwdriver bits with antislip materials and corrosion-resistant coatings. Each bit fits into an organized case that allows you to transport everything safely. The weak magnetic charge enables you to keep track of small parts without damaging or losing them. The set is compact and designed to make transport easier.

EFFICERE Precision Screwdriver Set

Best for Everyday Use

EFFICERE ‘s precision screwdriver set includes the pieces you need to handle a variety of small jobs. The screwdrivers feature ultragrip handles with rust-resistant chrome finishes on the bits, giving you lightweight yet durable screwdrivers. The set includes nine different pieces and swivel end caps for constant finger pressure.

The best watch screwdrivers are reliable, allow you to get into those tiny spaces, and help you maintain and repair your watches. The watch screwdrivers on this list are wonderfully made and provide you with years of service in a small package. Use a more efficient tool than something you’ve improvised and never forget watch maintenance again.

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